EDITORIAL:CAP Board finds success with Heads vs. Feds debate

By Staff Writer
November 19, 2004

The recent Heads versus Feds debate sponsored by the CAP board can be deemed a huge success by the sheer volume of students it brought with it. For a Cabrini event, the debate over the legalization of marijuana saw a staggering amount of students in attendance.

Well finally, CAP board found something that would attract Cabrini students. It turns out all Cabrini has to do is open discussion on the topic of marijuana and its possibility of legalization and the people will show up to the event.

CAP board should consider holding more controversial events for its students. Students want to hear about the topics they can relate to so what better way then to provide open discussion by both sides over these issues.

Whether it is popular with people or not, marijuana has become a mainstream issue of conversation. Is it a coincidence that the high turnout of the Heads versus Feds debate is due to the fact marijuana is prevalent on-campuses?

Marijuana has become increasingly easier for our generation to discuss among friends and family. What used to be a subject matter that was ignored for its practice is now openly argued about over its pros and cons.

The smoking of marijuana has become a social issue for campuses across the country as well as Cabrini. Maybe it is time for Cabrini to recognize the ever-growing use of marijuana on its campus and begin arranging more nights of discussion between students, faculty and speakers.

As a compilation of many influences, our generation has been raised to not fear authority. By arguing the case of whether to legalize a recreational drug like marijuana is a great example of the younger population pushing forth their concerns.

Although the Heads versus Feds debate was to encourage serious dialogue over the matter of marijuana legalization, did the occasion really serve that purpose? How many of the students actually went to the event under the right frame of mind?

The debate was to incite intelligent ideas about the possibility of legalizing marijuana. As long as students did not show up “high” to this event than the community can recognize marijuana as an issue. For if the student came “high” to the Heads versus Feds debate, how can they be taken seriously.

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Staff Writer

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