Room for improvement; no plans to update residence halls


By Brianna Mack
October 17, 2022

An example dorm bed in Woodcrest Hall. Photo by Brianna Mack.
An example dorm bed in Woodcrest Hall. Photo by Brianna Mack.

Improving Cabrini University’s residence halls is a slow-moving process, but students say they appreciate the little progress that was made. The newest residential building on campus opened in 2019. South Residential Hall houses 180 sophomores and juniors.  

South’s communal spaces contain working vending machines and a shared kitchen. Solimar Frias, junior nursing major, said, “The dorm size is perfect for living with another person in one room. She said South is considered the best housing on campus because it is the newest. However, there are still problems with the property. 

Laundry facilities in South Residence Hall. Photo by Ryan Byars.

“In South, our elevator was down probably the whole year. And this is talking about the best housing option out of all of them,” Alayna Lloyd, junior psychology major, said. Lloyd believes better maintenance is the best way to improve dorm life. 

Another residence option on campus, the Cabrini Apartment Complex, is strictly for seniors. Built in 1998, the complex provides seniors with a preview of life after college. Each room has its own full-size kitchen and bathroom, but Frias calls the apartments “outdated.” 

Slow improvements, but they are happening

The process for requesting maintenance for the dorms is straightforward. Students should fill out a work order for anything that is broken. If the request regards a safety concern, students should also contact Public Safety, their Residence Assistant, or Residence Life. Kevin Brenzel, the assistant director of Cabrini’s Residence Life, said safety concerns should not be delayed.

“I want to make it feel like they appreciate where they live,” Brenzel said. He has worked in Residence Life for 17 years and aspires to bring all his experience in improving residential life to Cabrini’s housing spaces. 

There are no current plans to update the residence halls.

Advice for freshmen

Lloyd said the vending machines don’t often work, and the doors easily jam in Xavier Hall, a first-year housing option. Xavier Hall was built in 1984 and originally housed male students. Located across from Xavier is Woodcrest Hall. Opened in 1969, Woodcrest is the first residence hall built by the university.

Residence Life is located immediately to the right on the first floor of Woodcrest. Public Safety is located in Maguire House, next to East Residence Hall, on Residential Boulevard.  

East hosts approximately 220 students who are mostly freshmen. Lloyd identified this hall as her least favorite on campus. “I’ve only lived in two places, and if it’s not the best, it’s the worst.”  

Perks to living in upperclassmen halls

The remaining residential houses, West, Casey, McManus, and Dixon, are reserved for upperclassmen. 

Desks are provided in every dorm for every student. Photo by Brianna Mack.

West Residence Hall was built in 2006 and houses 138 students. The building features a TV lounge and pool table; each floor has an enclosed study lounge. Casey House has a ping-pong table and McManus also has a TV lounge. Dixon was renovated in 2016. 

Though the amenities in some buildings are better than others, the best part of living on campus is easy to access to everything and everyone.  

“No matter where you are, you always see people you know. The community is really tight-knit. I like that,” Lloyd said. Cabrini students have much to be grateful for, but there are definite ways that the living conditions on campus can improve. 

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Brianna Mack

Brianna Mack is a communications/music industry and business major. Her love of reading, writing, and music blossomed in middle school by writing short stories for class and joining the choir. She started writing for news and was one of the first participants in the choir during her freshman year of high school. In her junior year, she took a course that inspired her to learn intense research methods. These methods apply to the ways she prepares every article and essay that she writes. She enjoys her work in the Writing Center as a peer tutor because she has always loved writing. She is the president of the XMusica Society, which is the presenting organization on campus. Brianna has two younger siblings. She commutes an hour to school every day, is an active member in her church, and helps facilitate a bible discussion group at Swarthmore College.

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