Be careful what you tweet for

By Kaitlyn Kohler
April 17, 2013

In today’s world, most people have some type of social media account, it is rare for a person to not have a Facebook or Twitter. It is so easy to find information on someone simply by typing in their name on google, and it is easy to gain a wealth of knowledge of a person from their Facebook or Twitter page. These days, companies frequently will look up a person online before they even call them. Unfortunately, some may not get that call because of what they have posted online.

I hate to say it, but I have to agree with companies letting employees go, or even not hiring them, over posts on social media sites. Perspective employees should be especially careful when posting online. Employers don’t just look at your Facebook wall, they’ll look at your pictures if they have the chance. Pictures including alcohol or drugs can seriously impact someones chances of getting an interview, or possibly a job offer. I have heard countless stories of college students not getting internships or not being offered jobs because of photos or their opinions that they post on their social media sites.

An employee is a representation of the company and their co-workers, regardless of their status or seniority they have within it. If an employee is bad mouthing the company, taking extremes when siding with a particular issue or even just expressing their opinion, I still think that companies should take the necessary steps to handle the issue.

People should be more aware and careful of what they are posting online, regardless of where or when it is being posted. I do believe in freedom of speech, but to a certain extent. A working professional or active job-seeker should not be posting whatever they feel like on the internet. One post could ruin a career.

Kaitlyn Kohler

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