Back to school supplies are evolving

By Staff Writer
September 9, 2004

Tired of the same old boring back to school supplies? Well, don’t worry because there are plenty of new fangled options out there for any Cabrini student.

Even though this new introduction to the world of technology won’t be available until the holidays, the partnership with “Hewlett Packard” and “Apple iPod” are a sweet combination.

The partnership will bring about a world where it’ll be easier to live digitally and will be available at most major retails. By bringing the music player to a broader awareness to PC users, users will be able to print out tattoos to personalize their iPods with various album cover art.

The easy to remove and put on tattoos will be water resistant and protect the iPod from any scratches and buffs that it might get. If you are interested, visit to see what iPod tattoos are available.

Once upon a time school shopping only meant getting clothes, a new backpack and maybe a cool scientific calculator. Fashion is still a top priority but cell phones are also high on that list.

Most students are looking for the most functional and hippest phone on the market. Between Nokia, Motorola and others, who can keep track anymore?

For students it’s not an entire waste of money because cell phones these days provide a clock and alarm, calculator, phone books and other features. Technology is changing with society’s demands and cell phones will continue to become more and more popular.

Even though back to school shopping can get expensive with personal computers, MP3 players and cell phones, if there was one thing to invest in it’s a USB drive. They’re about the size of a stick of gum and can even clip onto a keychain for easy access.

The portable drives vary in prices and styles but the most popular ones are 128 MB and 256 MB of data holding. The price range of a USB drive would be anywhere from $30-$60, unless you splurge on a 2.1 Gigabyte drive which will cost in the range of $250.

Look out for those back to school sales and remember personalization is priceless but back to school upgrades can still come up as a hefty cost.

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Staff Writer

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