Awards night to recognize leaders

By Carli Pio
March 25, 2004

Leader: “a person who rules, guides or inspires others.” On Friday, April 30 the Student Leaders Award Night will be held in the widener Center Lecture Hall. During this event selected Cabrini students will be presented with various awards, which will aid in further defining who a leader is.

Each campus organization was given a nomination packet containing the criteria for categories of leadership awards. After looking through the packet, each organization has been given the opportunity to recognize a person involved in their organization that they believe most deserves to be recognized.

When the Office of Student Activities receives all of the nominations on Monday, April 26, the nomination deadline, a panel of administration and faculty from the college, which has no affiliation with the organizations or the OSA, will then sit down and choose which nominees will represent each particular award.

The awards were created by the award night’s committee. On the committee sits Richard DeMatteo, the student chair of the event. Helping DeMatteo make the night happen are Becca Simeone (invitations/programs), Stefanie Ciarrochi (production), Ashlee Lensymer (slide show) and Jacqueline Flick (food/decoration). Assistant Director of Student Activities, Amy Hecht, is helping to supervise the committee.

Some of the awards that will be distributed throughout the night are, New Member of the Year, Leader of the Year, Organization of the Year and Advisor of the Year.

In addition to those awards, the college’s core values were used to model four other awards to be given at the ceremony. These include the Purple Heart Award, given to the person “who constantly strives for excellence”; the Yellow Heart Award, given to the person that “gives, receives and epitomizes the word respect”; the Green Heart Award, given to the person “who has worked to better and enhance the Cabrini community”; and the Blue Heart Award, given to the person “who always shares their vision to enhance Cabrini College.”

One award whose recipient’s name will surely be anticipated is the Dr. Richard Neville: Heart of the Cavalier Award. This award was first given out at last year’s ceremony, held in the Mansion, to none other than Neville himself. The award was created by the Student Government Association in honor of Neville’s time at Cabrini where Neville “served his legacy of leadership with true character, honor, integrity, grace, moral values, ethical standards and duty to support the learning, development and growth of every Cavalier.”

The qualifications, as described in the application packet, for this year’s recipient are described as, “an individual who embodies the heart of Cabrini College’s Core Values and advocates positive change while instilling a strong sense of pride.”

One member of Cabrini’s community that did not have to wait until April 30 to find out if they would be receiving an award is sophomore Colleen Bowman. Bowman is the winner of the Leadership Speech Competition and will be presenting her winning speech the night of the awards ceremony.

Commenting on the leadership awards, Simeone said, “Having a ceremony recognizes all organizations that play an active role of Cabrini and it commends those student leaders that help to make a positive difference on campus.” Ciarrochi said, “I think they’re important. It’s a way for an organization to recognize those who take the extra step for the organization that they love.”

Those that will be receiving invitations to attend the Student Awards Night are the campus organizations, members of the faculty and administration of the college.

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Carli Pio

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