Hidden Minors

By Kaitlyn Kohler
September 11, 2012

International business minor: 

“This minor may appeal to the student who wants to work for a U.S. company that does business abroad or maybe even the student that eventually wants to live abroad while working for a U.S.-based company.”

This is how Dr. Erin McLaughlin, assistant professor of business administration, describes the international business minor. With globalization playing a huge role in any business long-term strategy, career opportunities in international business are becoming increasingly popular. Some of the career paths an international business minor can explore are sales, finance, strategic planning, operations and marketing. The international business minor requires 21 credits total, consisting of both business and accounting courses.


Sports Management Minor: 

A minor in sports management is perfect for a business major who is passionate about sports. This minor requires the additional three courses, which are sports management, sports marketing and sports facilities management to the core business minor courses. To receive a sports management minor, students must complete a total of 21 credits.

The sports management minor helps students gain the knowledge for working in sports stadiums, with a sports team, or manage facilities such as a fitness center or gym.

If you are interested in pursuing a minor in sports management, contact Dr. Eric Malm.


Social Justice Minor: 

If you are a student who is interested in promoting the common good and following in the legacy of St. Frances Cabrini, then this minor is for you.

As a social justice minor, students take courses that allow them to develop the skills for exploring and understanding social justice issues. This minor has been designed to go hand-in-hand with the curriculum of Engagements with the Common Good in the General Education program. To achieve a minor in social justice, students will complete a total of 18 credits.

For further questions about a social justice minor, contact Dr. Nicholas Rademacher.


Studio Art Minor: 

If you are someone who is creative and has a passion and a drive to pursue a profession in fine art, this minor is for you. A studio art minor allows students to enhance their skills and knowledge, which will prepare them for their desired career path in the fine arts field

This minor requires a total of 18 credits and includes three specific classes that are required for graphic design majors. With a studio art minor, there are a few requirements that a student would need to be aware of, such as the art fee and the obtainment of art supplies for each course.

For any inquiries about the studio art minor, contact Professor Nicholas Jacques.

Kaitlyn Kohler

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