Victoria Emmitt

Hello! I am a senior Digital Communications and Social Media Major, and I was a third-year transfer student here at Cabrini University. In my first year at Cabrini, I worked as a reporter for The Loquitur before stepping into my role as Editor-In-Chief. A fun fact about me is that I use to work for the Walt Disney Company as a photographer. I am looking forward to working alongside my team of editors and reporters this year to produce meaningful content in the form of written articles as well as through various forms of multimedia. A passion of mine is human rights and social justice issues and I love to report on topics such as these to educate and spread awareness to my audience. Outside of The Loquitur I hope to pursue a career in social media and have had the opportunity to intern with a digital advertising agency this past summer as a social media intern. I am looking forward to my future after graduation, but I am so happy to be leading such an amazing team of editors and reporters until then.

Articles by Victoria Emmitt

New year, new opportunity for commuter student engagement

September kicks off the first normal school year for Cabrini University since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With schedules full of online classes now a… Read More
People protest with powerful signs outside in the Czech Republic.

Voices of Ukraine: Volunteers, working to save refugees from war, talk of the need for prayers and to “close the sky”

Loquitur Media Note: This is the second of a series of stories on Voices of Ukraine, a project to connect Cabrini’s Loquitur Media reporters… Read More

Do Cabrini students care about politics?

With a societal push for social justice reform and political issues becoming less about politics and more about human rights issues, encouraging active political… Read More

Top 5 Intersectional Feminists to follow on Instagram

Views of feminism differ – even among feminists

When I was younger I always considered myself a feminist and went along with the belief that it was a movement for the equality… Read More

Top 5 things to do near Cabrini if you need a break from classes

Do you need to get off campus to escape the academic week? There are plenty of fun things to do whether you are staying… Read More

Cabrini’s backyard is a hotspot for human trafficking

Cabrini’s backyard offers a perfect storm for human traffickers, and authorities explain why: The intersection of multiple highways offers easy access to hotels. It… Read More
Cavs Cheer

Cheerleading is an Olympic sport but at Cabrini, it’s a cheer club.

Cheerleading is being recognized as a sport on an international level. As of 2021, the International Olympic Committee officially declared cheerleading a sport, and… Read More

Cabrini student takes the path less traveled, through Disney and Germany, and is grateful for it.

How many high schoolers actually know what they want to be when they grow up? I can tell you that when I was 18-years-old… Read More

Cabrini lacrosse team plays in 2021 Fall Brawl

Cabrini University hosted this year’s American Boy fall brawl on Oct. 23. The lacrosse team played a round of games against Stockton University and… Read More

Doors open for Variety Show’s live audience

The show is back on…with a live audience! On Nov. 4 and 5, Cabrini University’s theatre club is hosting its first performance with a… Read More

Equality for students with disabilities at Cabrini

Colleges and Universities are not included under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Often referred to as IDEA, this is a federal law that… Read More

What you should know about Bystander Intervention

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault* The rape, abuse and incest national network stated that there are approximately 293,000 victims of sexual assault cases each year… Read More

Cabrini’s nursing program advocates for care and health equity

As of fall 2020, Cabrini University established its first Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This program is built to prepare students to provide high-quality… Read More
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