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I haven’t lived at home since I was 14

I haven’t lived at home since I was in middle school. I spent my four years of high school at a boarding school. When… Read More

Dr. Zakia Gates: Social justice warrior in the classroom

Freshman year of college even before she got her feet wet, she was told by her aunt to pursue a doctorate degree. Even though… Read More

National Body Image Conference

Usually, a two-day Body Image conference became a one-day virtual conference that ended up having international presenters, with also a dynamic keynote speaker. The… Read More

‘Social Dilemma’ documentary has people rethinking social media

Being one of the most talk-about documentaries of the fall, “The Social Dilemma” tackles how smartphones and social networks have manipulated human psychology to… Read More

How Cabrini admissions is adapting to Covid-19

We all remember being a Senior in high school and the fall being such a stressful time. However, college tours and open houses were… Read More

What’s all this controversy over hair oil?

TikTok promotions make products go viral every week, but when Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil went viral, controversy came along with… Read More

City of Murals: Philly Mural Tour celebrates diversity

To celebrate Black culture, Loquitur reporters journey through Philadelphia to highlight some of the beautiful murals that emphasize the African diaspora in the city… Read More
Lounge in residence hall

Is Cabrini becoming a suitcase school?

The zippering of suitcases is all you hear on Friday’s on Cabrini’s campus. During the weekends Cabrini’s campus has become desolate, a good percentage… Read More

Cabrini drops mask mandate

In an email sent on March 2, Cabrini University’s Dr. Stephen Rupprecht, Dean of Students and Chair of the COVID-19 task force, announced that… Read More

Cabrini celebrates its historical connection to the Underground Railroad

Motioning to a small, wooden table that typically wouldn’t get much attention, Armani Parker spoke passionately about its significance. “This isn’t just a table;… Read More

The future hasn’t been written yet, what story will you tell?

Imagine walking into a school where not one teacher looks like you do. This is the sad reality that many students face in our… Read More

Changes to dining, masking and more on the way: Here’s what to expect when stepping onto campus

More changes are on the way affecting dining hall procedures, masking and more. In an email sent Wednesday, Jan.12, Cabrini University’s Dean of Students… Read More

Being Black on a campus that cut Black Studies

  During the spring semester of 2021, the Cabrini community got an email stating that the school will be cutting programs and staff. The… Read More

New semester, new Covid-19 guidelines: What you need to know

In anticipation of the fall semester of 2021, Cabrini sent out numerous emails throughout the summer that informed the community of the Covid-19 mitigation… Read More

America’s immigration system is a racist system, book author tells discussion group

The system that America has in place for immigration is a racist system that has negatively affected millions of immigrants says the author hosting… Read More