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Content creators building brands across campus

While balancing commitments like academics, athletics, and work, there are students around campus who have built a significant media presence. Here are some media… Read More
Dr. Angela Campbell speaking at an event in Grace Hall

The role of DEI at Cabrini continues to grow

Dr. Angela Campbell is clear about the work of her office. “Mission and DEIB are inseparable — you can’t have a mission and not… Read More

Dr. Cornel West visits Cabrini at the Shirley Dixon Urban Education Symposium

When fans approach historian, educator, author and political activist, Dr. Cornel West, he makes one point very clear when they praise his “brand.” “People… Read More

Cabrini’s return to large sporting events with new appreciation

During the last two years, sporting venues that were once packed with fans, turned into ghost towns. The entire sporting world felt this setback… Read More

Choosing a major, adding another or considering graduate school? How to weigh options in college

To many, college is the ultimate decision-making time. At times, students need to be reminded of the number of choices they have that revolve… Read More

The Cabrini Dance Team takes center stage at 76ers game; big things awaits

The arena darkened, and the 76ers cleared the court. When screeching of sneakers stopped and the lights dimmed, a spotlight drew the fans’ attention… Read More

Examining how black trauma has been made profitable in American entertainment

Does everyone have a different definition of what black culture is?  What is truly the image of black innovation that has been portrayed in… Read More

How ‘outdated’ schools need to change to keep pace with the workplace

The public education system has been in place for centuries with little to no change to its format, testing requirements or curriculum. Meanwhile, the… Read More

Men’s soccer wins it all in the AEC

Cabrini has gone four-for-four in the Atlantic East Conference championship wins on Saturday; men’s soccer had a presence in this feat that also presented… Read More

Remember when Ida flooded the Philadelphia area and Cabrini, is climate change the culprit?

It’s no secret how Ida made its presence felt as it swept through a number of states and left some unprecedented damage, especially in… Read More

The current NBA season hasn’t been what fans are used to

COVID-19 guidelines and protocols have been put into place by the NBA as their season kicked off late December. Following the success of the… Read More

Sports world still missing fans packing the house

The world of sports has been deeply impacted this year as irregular patterns has developed in the seasons of multiple sports. The Lincoln Financial… Read More

The London libel suit doesn’t go in Depp’s favor

Johnny Depp has lost the libel suit he filed against The Sun newspaper in London. The lawsuit arose from the 2018 article the paper… Read More

Apple launches special feature for showcasing music videos

Apple has recently launched its brand new “Apple Music TV” which is a 24 hour live streamed curation of popular music videos. According to… Read More

Apple’s innovation of listening to music in style stems from long history

Apple’s AirPods remain at the top of the market, as the headphones haven’t budged on the list of what’s currently the most trend-setting. At… Read More

How concerning is COVID-19 for pregnant women?

Pregnant women have been recommended to take special precautions since COVID-19 has became a worldwide threat earlier this year. It’s a topic that is… Read More

The feud between two rap stars continues

Going from a happy to a disastrous relationship is something many of us can say we’ve lived through, so it’s even more attention grabbing… Read More

Health and fitness department flourishes under experienced chair

Cabrini’s health and exercise sciences department has greatly evolved over the past two decades and is continuing to do so with Dr. Maria-Elena Hallion… Read More

My grandmother didn’t catch the virus, the virus caught her

In the wake of COVID-19, we weren’t only worried about our own safety and the risky interactions we had with other humans. It forced… Read More
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