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Content creators building brands across campus

While balancing commitments like academics, athletics, and work, there are students around campus who have built a significant media presence. Here are some media… Read More
Dr. Angela Campbell speaking at an event in Grace Hall

The role of DEI at Cabrini continues to grow

Dr. Angela Campbell is clear about the work of her office. “Mission and DEIB are inseparable — you can’t have a mission and not… Read More

Dr. Cornel West visits Cabrini at the Shirley Dixon Urban Education Symposium

When fans approach historian, educator, author and political activist, Dr. Cornel West, he makes one point very clear when they praise his “brand.” “People… Read More

Cabrini’s return to large sporting events with new appreciation

During the last two years, sporting venues that were once packed with fans, turned into ghost towns. The entire sporting world felt this setback… Read More

Choosing a major, adding another or considering graduate school? How to weigh options in college

To many, college is the ultimate decision-making time. At times, students need to be reminded of the number of choices they have that revolve… Read More

The Cabrini Dance Team takes center stage at 76ers game; big things awaits

The arena darkened, and the 76ers cleared the court. When screeching of sneakers stopped and the lights dimmed, a spotlight drew the fans’ attention… Read More

Examining how black trauma has been made profitable in American entertainment

Does everyone have a different definition of what black culture is?  What is truly the image of black innovation that has been portrayed in… Read More

How ‘outdated’ schools need to change to keep pace with the workplace

The public education system has been in place for centuries with little to no change to its format, testing requirements or curriculum. Meanwhile, the… Read More

Men’s soccer wins it all in the AEC

Cabrini has gone four-for-four in the Atlantic East Conference championship wins on Saturday; men’s soccer had a presence in this feat that also presented… Read More

Remember when Ida flooded the Philadelphia area and Cabrini, is climate change the culprit?

It’s no secret how Ida made its presence felt as it swept through a number of states and left some unprecedented damage, especially in… Read More

Cabrini’s move to shift more healthcare costs to employees sparks controversy

It became apparent months ago that Cabrini needed to make some tough decisions that were deemed necessary for the sustainability of the school’s future,… Read More

From Tesla to even Cabrini, artificial intelligence is the future

It’s been about a month since Tesla unveiled their version of a humanoid robot at their press event, Tesla AI Day. Elon Musk displayed… Read More

Freshmen face new challenges while battling old demons

As the 2021 fall semester is kicking off, we welcome new students who have never quite had a college experience before, and unfortunately have… Read More

Athletes continue to use their platform to speak out against injustices

Protests have swept the nation throughout 2020 with a call for justice. Some athletes have used their influence on social media and that has… Read More

Team sports and activities at a young age does more for your character than you think

Is looking at the story of your life something you do just to applaud your own evolution, or to applaud the way you’ve grown… Read More

Cabrini icons get celebrated through women’s history panel

Cabrini’s women history common hour event, which was a women’s leadership panel, was in full swing as it was live-streamed on the university’s YouTube… Read More

Looking into the mystery of social media and mental health

No matter the decade or the components that make up dominant pop culture, there’s always a common denominator; the certain need for likability and… Read More

Pennsylvania experiences a sudden rise in COVID cases; A lingering national conflict

Cases of COVID-19 in Pennsylvania have significantly surged in the past month. This data has mostly been collected to report either the total number… Read More

Cabrini is collaborating with North Philadelphia school to enhance college dreams

Cabrini has engaged in a partnership with the North Philadelphia middle school, St. James School, that will make college more accessible for kids in… Read More

Students are getting a feel for the sports industry with Jaws

Hall-of-Fame Eagles quarterback helped launch a new 18-credit sports communication minor. He spoke to approximately 65 students and alumni on Wednesday, Feb. 10. The… Read More


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