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Putting your money where your mouth is

Over the past year, I have been a reporter for the Loquitur and over the course of the last few weeks, I have heard people say things about the Loquitur. I have heard people make fun of it, saying it sucks and so on. I have also seen the Loquitur just lying around on the floor of Founders Hall and on the floor of the men's room as well.

Lots of two-stepping going on at Dixon

Under the bright lights of the Dixon Center came the punk rock fury that is the Bouncing Souls. Taking the stage at 10 p.m., the band rang out and the house came down. Once inside, a large crowd of 100 to 200 people were gathered at the front of the stage in the smoky darkness that was the Dixon Center.

Public safety working to keep students safe

Dead-bolt locks, electronically controlled identification card systems and frequent patrols by Public Safety. These are just a few of the measures that have been taken to keep the resident students safe here at Cabrini College. But are they as safe as some make it out to be? Charlie Schaffner, the director of Public Safety, said, "I think the security on the campus is good to excellent.

We did it to ourselves

Within the last few months, President Bush has been pushing for the reform of social security. As part of this reform, Bush has said that he would like to create private accounts that young people could use to invest money for their retirement. Since these reforms were introduced, many young people have been left scratching their heads at the thought of what it all means.

Apple chewed up by patent suits

Two separate companies have filed patent suits against Apple claiming that Apple violated their patents relating to the Apple ipod and the iTunes Music Store. Advanced Audio Devices LLC, based in Chicago, is suing apple claiming that Apple's ipod violates a patent of theirs for a "music jukebox.

Returning to the civilian world

Robert Miller was unsure of his future when he graduated from Ridley High School in June of 2000. He knew higher education was an option but felt that he lacked the discipline for it after 2 months of schooling. Then one day when he was out shopping when the army stepped into his life.

Flash movies seen as growing trend

Have you ever gone online and seen some annoying flashing box at the top of the page? Or have you ever been sent a link that sent you to a page where a squirrel rants or current political figures are satirized in 2-d animation? If so, then you have been a witness to the current phenomenon known as flash movies.

Easy access

I have been a student at Cabrini College for the better part of a year-and-a-half now. In that time, I have heard stories about people having things stolen from their rooms and vandalism taking place. It wasn't until recently that I have truly found out as to why this is possible.

Auto show vrooms into Philadelphia

Large crowds of eager car enthusiasts filled the Philadelphia Convention Center for the 2005 Philadelphia International Auto Show which took place from Feb. 5-13. At the show were over 700 vehicles from more than 40 different manufacturers. This included the latest makes and models of both domestic and foreign vehicles.

No way out

Even though successful elections were held in Iraq on Jan. 30, it doesn't mean that the United State is pulling out anytime soon. With the continued onslaught of violence by insurgents on a daily-basis as well as the continued efforts to get the newly liberated Iraq up and running, it seems that the U.

Lady Cavs playoff bound

With the end of their season quickly approaching, the Lady Cavs basketball team has high hopes and expectations of once again becoming Pennsylvania Athletic Conference champions. "The intensity is here and we want to get to the playoffs," forward Erin Lagarenne said.

Men’s basketball; Back after road trip

Underneath the bright lights of the Dixon center, run tall, muscular, tattooed men in blue-and-white Nike sneakers. Running down their face is the sweat from another hard-day's practice. In their ears, ring the shouting voices of their coaches. The men's basketball team has been working hard all year to become PAC champs and have just returned from an 11-day road trip.

Dzik, cornerstone of athletics

Pacing up and down the court-side at the Dixon center is a gray-haired man wearing a blue-and-white striped shirt, red tie, black khakis and black leather shoes. As he paces back-and-forth, he yells commands at the players before putting his whistle back in his mouth after shouting each time.

Amend this

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion, especially by Arnold Schwarzenegger, about amending the Constitution so a foreign-born person, like himself, can run for the presidency of the United States. Now, I can understand why Arnold would lobby for such a thing.

The Battle of Eagle Road

When it comes to college sports, every school has a rival; Alabama and Auburn, Duke and North Carolina, Army and Navy, Cabrini and Eastern. These next-door neighbors have been fighting it out for what seems like the end of time. The director of athletics, Leslie Danehy, said that the rivalry with Eastern has been going on, "since the first day we competed with them.

Women’s basketball rebuilds team

With her third season at Cabrini quickly approaching, Lady Cavaliers basketball Captain Jackie Yoder has high hopes and expectations for herself and the team this year. "From the team this year I really expect for us to come together," the elementary education and special education major said.

Taking back what is rightfully ours

America needs to care more about itself and less about the rest of the world. How can we call ourselves great when American jobs are being off-shored? When many of the products we use on a daily basis are being manufactured overseas? When our own government wants to cut the social security for our parents and ourselves because they mismanaged the budget? How can we be great when it is the multinational corporations and big businesses of America who are running the supposed 'democracy' instead of the people themselves? There needs to be something done to make America a much better place for those who have to grow up in this great land.

Symposium illustrates the impact of the civil rights movement

A symposium was held last Wednesday, Oct. 13 to discuss the 1954 Brown vs. The Board of Education Supreme Court case and its far-reaching impact on education. The symposium began with the viewing of the film, "The Road to Brown." As the Widener Center Lecture Hall fell dark, the audience watched on as the film depicted Linda Brown, a fifth-grade African American girl from Topeka, Kan.

Espada reads poetry

Martin Espada, an award-winning Puerto Rican-American, gave a poetry reading and book signing in the Widener Center lecture hall as a means of helping students understand the immigration issues that many professors are integrating into their courses this year.

Latino poet Espada to highlight Honors immigration theme



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