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A Valentine’s Day Hit

by Dave Wiley guest writer So the big heart day is rapidly approaching. Trying to figure out what to do with the limited resources… Read More

How President Clinton won

by: Chris Nielson “Republicans sleep in single beds, Democrats sleep in double beds. That’s why there are more Democrats.” That is how my Uncle… Read More

Service with a smile

Meghan Merkel Senior Azeen Keramati (center) was awarded the Mother Ursula Award for service at the Senior Dinner on Friday, Nov. 17. Joining her… Read More

Campus Safety Evaluation

Q: Does the institution publish campus crime information as required by the Jeanne Clery Act? (Request a copy) Q: Are Security Logs open for… Read More

Cabrini Day theme focuses on immigration

Cabrini Day workshops are reported on by Toccara Buckley, Colleen Connor, Kim Gormley, Katie Hernson, Carly Juno, Rich Magda, Tanya McCausland, Sarah Smith, Jana Sukala, Lucy Truglio, Cheryl Wagstaff, John O'Donnell, and Jennifer Dalvano. .

Cabrini Day schedule

10 a. m. – Noon Celebrity Brunch. (Founders’ Hall cafeteria) See your favorite professors and staff members demonstrate their skills in making waffles, serving… Read More

Drawing students display artwork in cafeteria

Jenine Ikeler Artwork by Prof. Lisa Learner’s drawing students are on display in the cafeteria. The drawings were inspired by famous artists.

Merkel, Barrett crowned homecoming queen, king

Matt Holmes Meghan Merkel and Tony Barrett were crowned Homecoming queen and king last Saturday night, Oct. 14.

Perspectives section will be updated when computer 6 is connected to the network

Perspectives section will be updated when computer 6 is connected to the network


Thursday, Oct. 2 * Women's Tennis vs. Cedar Crest College, 4 p.m. * Mass, 7 p.m., Bruckmann Chapel of Saint Joseph Friday, Oct. 3 * LAST DAY FOR SENIORS TO APPLY FOR MAY 2004 COMMENCEMENT * Women's Tennis vs. Rosemont College, 4 p.m. * Family Weekend Saturday, Oct.

Cavs down Widener

Winless in its first five games, the men's soccer team got its first win against local rival Widener on Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003. The only point of the match came early in the start of the second half. Freshman Jeffrey Carman was assisted by junior midfielder Sean Dugan.

Access from anywhere

Since Feb. 18 the library has celebrated "Access from Anywhere" a system that allows members of the Cabrini community to access library databases from off-campus. "The off campus community has been asking for this for a long time," Linda Roccas, one of Holy Spirit's librarian's said.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter

TOP Every freedom fighter can be called a terrorist, just as well as every terrorist can be called a freedom fighter, yet it all rather depends on who is doing the labeling. These terms may be interchangeable from person to person and from group to group, but there is no way to combine the two into one concept and pretend that the other one doesn't exist.

Are You On Or Are You Off?

Which would you rather have? Being five minutes away from any class; being able to wake up five minutes before class and still be respectively on time; having school resources at you finger tips, having your friends five minutes away; not having to drive home from a campus party after you've gotten completely wasted, or ordering a chicken finger hoagie at 1a.

What is this Valentine’s Day really all about?

Top Here you have it girls. Valentine's Day is back. Who's excited? Drug stores and supermarkets certainly seem to be. They started loading up their isles the day after Christmas with candy hearts and "I love you" balloons. Everyone's favorite, Victoria's Secret, seems to be cashing in big time on all of the Valentine's hype.

New magazine program ‘Cabrini Cross Section’

Video Practicum, a program developed to utilize the equipment that was not being used in Cabrini's video studio, was created for students who are interested in communication involving video production and want to be a part Cabrini's TV show. The class, that will eventually be producing a TV show, meets every Thursday at 5 p.

Jane’s Addiction Rocks the Spectrum

The lights dimmed as a full house at the spectrum waited in anticipation for Jane’s Addiction to take the stage. Everyone looked as if… Read More

Housing meetings clear up questions, concerns

by Nick Luchko staff writer David Carpenter wants students to know that there will be exceptions to the set housing rules as long as… Read More

Nielsen’s Top Ten Valentine’s Day Pick-up lines

10. My vote goes for Bush and Dick. 9. Now that we have taken the edge off, prepare to feel the burn. 8. Wanna… Read More