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Women’s sprint medley team takes first, breaks school record at Penn Relays

The Cavalier track team participated in the 115th running of the Penn Relays at the University of Pennsylvania. The Penn Relays began on Tuesday, April 21, and lasted four days at Franklin Field. This is one of track and field's biggest competitions with 22,000 entrants from more than 60 countries worldwide.

Recession continues to hit hard

Economic times are hard, that is no secret. Hopefully I can shed some guidance on how to deal with personal money issues during this time. For some, jobs are being cut, homes are being lost and education is taking a back seat. While President Obama is trying to fix this current situation, a whole other topic in society is still experiencing the effects of the recession.

Phila. political protesters crowd LOVE Park Tea Party

Chilly air and cold rain did not put a damper on about 200 faithful American citizens from gathering at LOVE Park in Philadelphia. As a bell rang nearby and the crowd chanted "repeal the pork, cut back taxes," the petition began. Don Reimer, husband of the organizer of the Philadelphia Tax Day Tea Party Diana Reimer, held a sound check raising the question if anyone could not hear his words.

Zimmer tosses no-hitter in sweep

The softball team continued to dominate last weekend by gaining its first two-game sweep over a Colonial States Athletic Conference competitor. On Saturday, March 28, the women's softball team crushed Baptist Bible College in a 10-0 victory with junior pitcher Liz Zimmer holding a no-hitter in game one.

Mingkuang Luo ‘world class tennis player’

Mingkuang Luo, sophomore finance major, proves himself time and again on the tennis courts. For the past nine years, Luo has been practicing to perfect his tennis skills. Luo's continuous practice showed in his participation in many United States Tennis Association tournaments.

Private loans hard to find

A week before she was set to come back to Cabrini in January, Erin Doyal, junior biology major, experienced a setback in her future career goals.

Cavaliers top Neumann, earn spot in tournament

The men's basketball team proved themselves once again to an anxious crowd on Valentine's Day with a nail-biting 74-71 win against the team's Colonial States Athletic Conference opponent. The team came out on top against the Neumann College Knights on Saturday, Feb.

Iraqi election hints at strong government

The preliminary results from Iraq's first national election in four years labeled Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki the victor. Maliki, of the Dawa Party, serves as a sign of hope to Iraqis for a strong central government. Sunni tribal leaders, believing that Sunnis in charge of the provincial government were guilty of electoral fraud, were quickly kept from causing any harm by an overnight curfew and armed forces to confront any civilians with weapons.

Obama ignites hope

Change has come in the form of the 44th president of the United States. Cabrini faculty, staff and students passionately applauded in the Widener Lecture Hall as they watched the first African-American president be sworn into office. "He's a leader, his choice of words, his delivery [and] his confidence came to show," newly-inaugurated Cabrini President Marie George said.

Search committee hires consultant to find new enrollment vice president

Cabrini plans to hire a new vice president of enrollment management by early spring. A search committee, headed by Dean of Academic Affairs Charlie McCormick, is working closely with an external consultant Tom Williams. Williams is a former employee of Noel-Levitz, a company that has specialized in enrollment management for more than 2,000 campuses in its 35-year history.

Evil betrayal crushes friendship

Hooking up was the major spread featured in issue six of the Loquitur. The articles gave different view points on what hooking up is. Some consider it simply making out, while others consider it to be more. I personally consider it simply making out. Now that readers, staff and I have stated our views on hooking up, let's discuss the concept of hooking up, possibly in the context of more than making out, with your friend's ex-boyfriend.

Students discuss healthcare issue before election

Cabrini students were able to discuss political views at a round table discussion on Tuesday, Oct. 28, in Grace Hall boardroom.

Superior general honored on campus

Sister Patricia Spillane, MSC is the newly appointed Superior General of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Cabrini College's religious sponsors. Spillane graced Cabrini with her presence on Tuesday, Oct. 28, in the mansion. Dr. Marie Angelella George, president of Cabrini College, hosted the reception in honor of Spillane's appointed position in Rome.

The ad ABC rejected

The Alliance for Climate Protection's Repower America created an ad that addressed the current climate issue. ABC responded to this ad by not airing it on their network. This ABC-rejected ad states that the climate crisis could be resolved by America turning to the usage of wind and solar energy instead of oil.

Economic crisis overshadows car repairs

Students living away from home at college often have to make independent decisions on car repairs for the first time. Although they can consult their family by phone, they have to decide when a squeak or a thump needs to be checked out. Now with the economic downturn, many are delaying expensive repairs.

Crafts serve as a stress relief for students

Arts and crafts is the new hobby for students on Cabrini's campus. Students who enjoy this particular hobby make necklaces out of beads and bracelets of gimp, thread or hemp. Another popular hobby is coloring. Laura Capper, junior special education and elementary education major, really began loving arts and crafts through her summer job at a day camp.

Student activities hires new assistant director

Cabrini College's newly named Center for Student Engagement and Leadership has hired a new assistant director, Amber LaJeunesse. Although there was a name change, the office is still providing Cabrini's students with programs and activities. LaJeunesse, an energetic individual, offers a unique outlook for the office.

Diet pills continue to be unhealthy trend

College is the start of young adults being able to make decisions entirely on their own. "What should I wear to class? Should I go to that party even though I have a test tomorrow?" And even, "What should I eat and when?" Today's society is focused on images.

Looking bad to future employers

After that first sip of alcohol, college students everywhere whip out that camera and transform to paparazzi. Everywhere you look there are smiles, obscenities and flashing lights. In the moment, a camera seems like the perfect way to capture the fun essence of the party.

Tips for choosing majors at college

Students walk onto Cabrini's campus at the start of fall semester with things on their mind; after all, college is a major milestone in everyone's life. It seems hardly likely that the typical student would rather worry about their major as opposed to what to wear the first day of classes.


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