Molly Seaman

Managing Editor of the Loquitur at Cabrini University. Colorado Born and Raised. 21 years old with a deep love for people, travel and education.

Articles by Molly Seaman

The hearts behind the mission: Cabrini Mission Corps ends 24 years of worldwide service

24 years ago the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred of Jesus founded Cabrini Mission Corps, a program used to touch the lives and hearts… Read More

All Hale the Valedictorian: Class of 2016’s highest honor revealed

  Perfectionist, conscientious, patient, detail-oriented and honest. These are the words used to describe Cabrini College’s 2016 valedictorian, Thomas Hale. A graduate of Perkiomen… Read More

Better safe than sorry: Attacks on college campuses are more common than students think

Did you know that college student’s aged 18 to 24 report about 526,000 violent crimes on campus every year? Of these crimes, the Violent… Read More

The CEO that could: Founder of Brown Superstores brings promise to the desert

All photos by Emily Rowan. Every year, Cabrini College invites leaders in the corporate and non-profit world to be Executive in Residence, arguably one… Read More

Use your brain: Psychologists across the country unite to defend their field

What happens when the governor of your state trash talks your major? That’s exactly what happened in Florida. This is what Governor Rick Scott… Read More

Employees turned killers: Should job mental health screenings be required?

In Northeast Philadelphia an altercation between two employees turned deadly at the Kraft Food plant. Yvonne Hiller, 43, was known to have frequent disagreements… Read More

Seven Days of Guatemala: A service trip to remember

[View the story “7 days of Guatemala” on Storify]

In world’s worst disaster, CRS director brings aid to thousands of Syrian refugees

When one first encounters Chandreyee Banerjee, they meet a beautiful, smiling and petite woman. One would never guess that the soft spoken Banerjee would… Read More

She’s got hot sauce in her bag, swag: Is Beyonce’s new video Formation too controversial?

To some, Carter’s performance seemed business as usual. Fierce dance moves, mane blowing in the wind, incredible vocals. What else is new? “I think… Read More

Pin it to win it

Pinterest. Possibly one of the most addicting apps to ever hit the modern-day world. For those of you that do not know, Pinterest is… Read More

‘You Are Welcome Here’ at Cabrini University

“No matter where you are from or who you are, you are welcome here.” “One Cabrini Family.” “No matter how the world changes, no… Read More

‘I have one grasshopper but I will break it in half and give you half’: A resilient country – Madagascar

“I do not know about all of you but 10 years ago, my image of Madagascar was the movie. I love that movie, it… Read More

We are all connected: Here is why it is important

“I am saddened by how people treat one another and how we are so shut off from one another and how we judge one… Read More

The trees have eyes

Editor’s note: This story received 2016-17 Pennsylvania Newspaper Association  Keystone Press Awards – honorable mention for Feature Story “Never shall I forget that night,… Read More

Humans unsheltered: Homelessness, cold feet and the Joy of Sox

As the temperature dropped to bitter single digits and the snowflakes began to fall on a dark winter night, Cabrini University students fell asleep… Read More

An identity tested: University defends immigrants and refugees in face of adversity

Founded upon social justice, the heart of Cabrini University beats to the sound of the diversity that flows through its veins. Its very mission… Read More

25 acts of kindness for the holiday season

Acts both large and small created to spread some goodwill and inspire hope this holiday season. 1. Give the gift of hope Catholic Relief… Read More

The pressure of perfect

Get good grades. Be involved. The pressure of perfect. Get a good job. Pay off your bills. The pressure of perfect. Be happy. Do… Read More

What would Mother Cabrini have to say about the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

Who is St. Frances Xavier Cabrini? Some may know her as the first American saint, others may remember her as the foundress of the… Read More

The journey of a million miles: 10 things Poland taught me

[<a href=”//” target=”_blank”>View the story “The journey of a million miles: 10 things Poland taught me” on Storify</a>]
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