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Men’s tennis team defends PAC championship

by Mike Butler perspectives editor Despite the numerous rain-outs and a tough 1-2 start against non-conference teams, the defending PAC champion Cabrini men’s tennis… Read More

Athletes endorse for higher paychecks

by Mike Butler perspectives editor Ever since Michael Jordan retired from playing basketball, there had been discussion about who the top athlete is when… Read More

From 141 to the pages of Loquitur

by Mike Butler My days at Cabrini are numbered, conveniently I might add by the Senior Class Board. The stark realization of this fact… Read More

Spring intramural sports offered to all students

by Mike Butler perspectives editor If you spent the winter months being as inactive as a hibernating bear, then the Dixon Center has the… Read More

More opinions than the leading brand

This week I ran into an unfamiliar problem. During my usual search through my favorite Internet sites, I couldn’t find a news story that… Read More

Stopping crime before it can happen

Everyone wants the truth, but not everyone likes it. Case in point. Believe it or not, crime is down in America. The crime rate… Read More

Cruelty, despair & a smiling gunman

Call me sick. Call me macabre. Call me whatever you like, but I am not afraid to admit that when I hear about a… Read More

Utah protests against being aroused

by Mike Butler As you can probably tell from my previous columns (like my article on panda porn and the 8-year-old cat killer), I… Read More

There will be no little ones from me

by Mike Butler Most people plan to have children during the course of their lives. I am not one of them. A lot of… Read More

There will be no little ones from me

Most people plan to have children during the course of their lives. I am not one of them. A lot of it has to… Read More

Darkness: It’s good for you

by Mike Butler Perspectives Editor Monday’s snowfall and campus-wide blackout served not only to cancel my evening class that night, it also served as… Read More

I’d better get some letters about this one

by: Mike Butler Perspectives Editor During the Christmas break, I did a lot of thinking and brainstorming. I thought back to a previous article… Read More

`80s writes year-end review; people read it

Since this is the last Loquitur of the year 2000, I am required by unnatural law to write a year-end review. I’ll make this… Read More

War Hell Ride

by Mike Butler Perspectives Editor In addition to locking the back doors of the houses to complete “Operation: Lock Down,” Cabrini has now begun… Read More

Kwanzaa: dispelling the myths

Photo attained from Matt Holmes by Mike Butler perspectives editor Despite being celebrated by over 15 million people, there are a lot of misconceptions… Read More

Loquitur Dome: The Eternal Debate–pro cats

Opinion by Mike Butler Some of you may not believe this, but I am a cat person. And believe it or not, I really… Read More

Cabrini: More responsible drinkers than Russia

Opinion by Mike Butler When I think back on the September war between the student body and the administration, I tend to remember something… Read More

Butler snaps, writes angry column

Nice costume, eh? I figure it’s Halloween time. Let’s get in the spirit. And since I’m in a pleasant mood, this week’s column will… Read More

My college years: wasted or fulfilled

by Mike Butler I feel old. Why? Because I recently did my Senior Skills presentation. It was pretty much a recapping of what I’ve… Read More

Mission to the Brewhouse

Mike Butler by Mike Butler perspectives editor Everyone makes pilgrimages. Some go to Mecca. Others to Graceland. My pilgrimage of the week was to… Read More


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