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Being bilingual has many advantages

People who are bilingual have more intellectual and social advantages than the rest. Some people grow up bilingual by learning the language at home… Read More

Uber as a designated driver prevents drunk driving

“I could have potentially helped prevent people from dying or getting into a car accident, not to mention thousands of dollars in fine or… Read More

March for Life: Choosing to keep an unplanned child

Editor’s Note: The names of the subjects in this article have been modified to protect their identities. Starting high school is a huge step… Read More

How addiction affects families

Editor’s note: See also the Cabrini University honors students’ project Fix for Addiction. “Marijuana was now my mistress and heroin was my wife,” Michael… Read More

Tip before you dip: the importance of tipping waiters, waitresses

When people do not feel like cooking themselves and they just want to eat out with friends or family, going to sit down restaurants… Read More

Women not safe walking: catcalling can feel like sexual harassment

Across the globe, women walk significantly fewer steps every day than men, according to a recent Stanford study. Fear of assault and harassment is attributed to… Read More

Photography exposed small sports Instagram account

Social media to some people can be a joke. Social media to some people can even be pointless. For me, social media connects me… Read More

A day to celebrate all saints

All Saints’ Day, which can be often confused with All Souls Day, is a day where Christians remember all saints that made it to… Read More

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ killed from school district’s reading list

“Making people uncomfortable and forcing them to confront themselves and others is the point of great literature,” Bill Keeney, high school English teacher at… Read More

Use Apple’s iOS 11 do not disturb my driving feature

For Apple users, Sept. 19, the release date for iOS 11, could not have come sooner.  People heard about screen recordings, Siri becoming more… Read More

Communication LC students walk in Mother Cabrini’s footsteps at Ellis Island

Our ancestors came from all over the world and the freshman communications learning community had an inside look at how true that was, looking… Read More

Slavery is alive and well: Cabrini freshmen learn about modern forced labor

Students at Cabrini University came to realize that for us to get products at cheap prices sometimes workers must be exploited or even enslaved in poor countries. This is modern slavery. 

The truth behind our environment; Climate change myths vs. facts

In memory of a lacrosse player, friend, coach and Cavalier

The Cabrini men’s lacrosse team will be playing their 2019 season dedicated to strength, hard work, determination and for the legacy of John “Jake” Durkin.… Read More

The underdog reaches his highest in basketball career

Tearing an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the many injuries athletes can endure while playing sports that include jumping or sudden stop… Read More

Alumnus takes on the basketball court but in coach’s shoes

A basketball team needs leaders who knows the game inside and out to help push the team to its limits.  Cabrini’s athletic department welcomes… Read More

Making family proud overseas as first generation born in the USA

Being a first generation family member to be born in America, most would take every opportunity they can to make their family proud of… Read More

Public safety department patrols Cabrini campus; students express mixed judgment

When looking at colleges, prospective students often look at the class sizes, their intended major but how can families really trust if a campus… Read More

Student transfers to find lost love in her sport

Many situations can teach one how important it is to work hard.  Reflecting on this, Taylor Dimmerling, a freshman at Cabrini University studying exercise… Read More

Slugger takes a chance on Cabrini University

Baseball is more than a game to its players. Dylan Butler is no exception. Butler, coming from the West Coast— Washington, to be exact— knew he… Read More
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