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The Inevitable Death Of FM

Where did all the music go? FM radio was created as an alternative to AM radio's pop format. It was a popular outlet for alternative music to deliver music to the masses on a clear-sounding frequency. Once that happened, AM radio flipped formats to news, talk and sports.

Journalist released from Iraqi captivity

Last week Jill Carroll was finally released from being held captive in Iraq for the past 82 days. It brought a sigh of relief to her family, friends, co-workers and fellow journalists. Carroll's life seemed to be doomed when she was not released soon after she was kidnapped and when her interpreter was killed.

‘SmokeFREE:’ breath of fresh air

Tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic and formaldehyde are just some of the substances out of the 4,000 that are found in one cigarette. Cigarette smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of illness, disability and death in America today. SmokeFREE, Main Line Health's free smoking cessation, will be coming to Cabrini for a series of six sessions, beginning on March 15.

House 7 submerges in stink

Throwing a towel down in front of her door on Sunday morning to stop what she thought was dirty water seeping into her room from the bathroom, sophomore Kristen McGowan realized soon after that it was not water leaking into her room; it was raw sewage. On Thursday, Jan.

Cabrini’s tuition rises above national average

Cabrini's tuition and fees has gone up more over the past five years than the average of private four-year colleges. Cabrini has gone up 32.7 percent whereas the national private college average has gone up 22.2 percent. The College Board released its annual tuition survey on Tuesday, Oct.

Concerts; a source of enjoyment and a good time

Everyone has a particular passion in life, something that makes them so happy and gives them something to look forward to. For me, it's seeing my favorite bands in concert. Most people see me as a nice, quiet and polite girl, but get me into a concert and I am the complete opposite.

High schools failing to challenge students

Entering college should not be such a shock as it is for some. I'm not talking about moving away from home or having to share a room with two other people, I'm talking about the course loads. Having to stay up all hours of the night to finish a project or to write a paper is a part of the average college student's life, but when a freshman walks into a college classroom for the first time and hears that he or she has to read a book by next week it can be a complete shock.

Professor learns from African adventure

Accounting Professor Ann Servey traveled to Zambia, Africa, with Heifer International for 12 days to visit the villages, people, and to learn what it really means to teach a man how to fish. Servey, said, "I saw an organization making a true difference." Heifer International is an organization that is trying to "end hunger, poverty, and to care for the earth" all over the globe, according to Heifer.

Student activities has plenty in store

This fall semester, the office of Student Activities is planning a number of events for students to come out to and enjoy. Amy Hecht, assistant director of student activities, said, "We have a lot of events planned for the fall semester." The office of student activities has started printing "Stuff To Do" calendars.

Tennis team: reigning champs

Almost one year later the women's tennis team is starting its season again and is hoping to be able to regain the title of Pennsylvania Athletic Conference champions. Marywood University is the team's biggest rival and last year Cabrini beat them 8-1. "We're expecting to beat them," Magee said.

Finding love at Cabrini

Education, friends and bachelor degrees. All things you would expect to get from college. But love? That's another story. George and Lisbeth came to Cabrini last fall excited to start college, meet new friends and live on their own, what they did not expect was to find each other.

Let the dice roll

Texas hold 'em poker, roulette, craps, silver and gold and blackjack enticed Cabrini students to try their hand at gambling on Friday, Nov. 19. Students joined the CAP Board Friday night in the Grace Hall Atrium to eat some boardwalk food, watch "Casino," "Ocean's 11," play some poker and listen to some classic Frank Sinatra music.

Fun foods from around the world

The sweet taste of cacao beans mixed with cinnamon and almonds makes any person's mouth water when they hear about Mexican chocolate. It is made like no other chocolate in the world. There is literally a world of food out there, but here is just a taste of some of the delicious meals from around the globe.

New video games feed fuel to the fire for gamer addicts

Video games are popular sources of entertainment, so what makes them so appealing? "The fun part about video games is playing them and testing yourself to see if you can actually beat the game at all," Richard Stevenson, a sophomore English and communications major, said.

An inside look into the world of retail

Retail in my opinion is one of the hardest jobs a person could have. I have been working in retail stores for the past four years and all I can say is God bless the people who actually enjoy it and can take the mental abuse from the worst customers. I have worked at two major retail stores in my working career, one at a clothing store and another at a shoe store, both on the Main Line.

Is your ketchup a Democrat or a Republican?

It's a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon, the Eagles game is on and everyone is outside grilling some delicious hamburgers and hotdogs. Next to the grill sits a bottle of Heinz ketchup, but what if the people who want to use this condiment are Republican? Are they going to feel left out that because there is not a ketchup brand out on the market for Republicans to consume? No need to fear now, Republicans, W Ketchup is here to support the Republican Party, to be "pro-American" and also to be "anti-Kerry," according to Bill Zachary, chairman of W Ketchup LLC, as reported by Mary Vallis of the "National Post.

Popular Costumes Of ’04

Halloween night allows imaginations to run wild. It is expressed through the different kinds of costumes seen that night. From Disney characters to witches and goblins, Halloween allows people to become creative with costume ideas. "Me and my roommate are going to be the 'Twins,' Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he's real short and I'm tall," junior, Jim Good said.

How do they get away with it

Everyone knows who I am talking about, those people who walk into class 10 minutes late and only come to class seven or eight times a semester and still receive a passing grade. This is my second year at Cabrini and since I have started, my professors have been very strict on how many days a student is allowed to miss class.

Must have professors

Melissa Steven Staff Writer When students register for core requirements, some classes at Cabrini are on high demand at registration time. Mainly, it is the instructor teaching the class that drives students to register for a particular class.

Cabrini Rocks the Vote

Election year 2004 is upon us and in the last election only 18 million young people voted out of 40 million. MTV and Rock the Vote are challenging that number this election year and believe they can get 20 million young people to come out and vote this time around.


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