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Rising tuition costs to affect students

I have been at Cabrini for two full years now and since then tuition has gone up almost 20 percent. Our tuition now costs a staggering $24,000 a year, not including room and board fees. We just spent approximately $18 million on a brand-new science building and now the college is embarking on building a new residence hall, so it's plain to see that these new, extravagant buildings are being paid for from our pockets.

Another employee gone:

A warm welcome used to greet the employees early in the morning in the Grace Hall Atrium, but that warm welcome has now left Cabrini unexpectedly. After 30 years, Ruth Scott, the telephone operator and receptionist in Grace Hall, resigned from her position.

True friends always stick by your side

It seems like only yesterday I was filling out college applications, picking out a senior prom dress and having the time of my life as a senior in high school. I cannot believe that I am almost done my second year of college. When looking back it feels like time has flown by and the last couple of years are almost just a blur.

Voice of the Eagles speaks to Cabrini

When Merrill Reese was younger, his father used to take him to watch the Philadelphia Eagles practice every week. He would look up at the broadcasting booth and say, "Someday that's where I want to be." Merrill Reese, the radio voice of the Philadelphia Eagles, came to speak to the Cabrini College Community on Tuesday, March 15 in the mansion dining room.

Eisner to resign as Disney CEO

On Sunday, March 13, chief executive of the Walt Disney Company, Michael D. Eisner, announced that he would resign from his position after two decades. According to the New York Times,Robert A. Iger, president of the company, will succeed Eisner. Iger will take over Eisner's position in September of 2005, a year earlier than expected.

Cracking down on cheating

An estimated 80 percent of college students admit to cheating at least once in college, according to At Cabrini College, 74 students have been caught cheating since the Academic Honesty Board began to use the Academic Honesty Violation Forms two years ago.

Y100 signs off its alternative platform

Philadelphia's only alternative rock station, WPLY-FM, Y100, was taken off the air on Thursday, Feb. 24. In its place is WPHI-FM, 103.9 "The Beat." Y100 sent out an e-mail notifying their listeners that after 12 years at 100.3 FM, the station was ending.

Founder’s Day focuses on social justice, immigration

Founder's Day is celebrated yearly to honor the memory of Sister Ursula Infante and her life-long commitment to educating the community about social justice. Founder's Day was held with special guest speaker Jim Claffey on Thursday, Feb. 17, in the Grace Hall Atrium.

Privacy issues, what Cabrini won’t say

Melissa Steven Asst. Features Editor FERPA prohibits the college from contacting parents without the student's permission, even if the student is exhibiting self-destructive behavior, according to Tutaleni Asino, an area coordinator. Only with written permission from the student can the parents be contacted.

Cabrini to present state senator with Ivy Young Willis Award

Strong activism in the world is an essential part of the Ivy Young Willis Award, an idea that Cabrini College reiterates yearly with the presentation of this award to a woman. The 2005 recipient will be Pennsylvania State Senator Connie Williams. The award will be presented on Thursday, March 17, at 7 p.

The Inevitable Death Of FM

Where did all the music go? FM radio was created as an alternative to AM radio's pop format. It was a popular outlet for alternative music to deliver music to the masses on a clear-sounding frequency. Once that happened, AM radio flipped formats to news, talk and sports.

Journalist released from Iraqi captivity

Last week Jill Carroll was finally released from being held captive in Iraq for the past 82 days. It brought a sigh of relief to her family, friends, co-workers and fellow journalists. Carroll's life seemed to be doomed when she was not released soon after she was kidnapped and when her interpreter was killed.

‘SmokeFREE:’ breath of fresh air

Tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic and formaldehyde are just some of the substances out of the 4,000 that are found in one cigarette. Cigarette smoking is the single greatest preventable cause of illness, disability and death in America today. SmokeFREE, Main Line Health's free smoking cessation, will be coming to Cabrini for a series of six sessions, beginning on March 15.

House 7 submerges in stink

Throwing a towel down in front of her door on Sunday morning to stop what she thought was dirty water seeping into her room from the bathroom, sophomore Kristen McGowan realized soon after that it was not water leaking into her room; it was raw sewage. On Thursday, Jan.

Cabrini’s tuition rises above national average

Cabrini's tuition and fees has gone up more over the past five years than the average of private four-year colleges. Cabrini has gone up 32.7 percent whereas the national private college average has gone up 22.2 percent. The College Board released its annual tuition survey on Tuesday, Oct.

Concerts; a source of enjoyment and a good time

Everyone has a particular passion in life, something that makes them so happy and gives them something to look forward to. For me, it's seeing my favorite bands in concert. Most people see me as a nice, quiet and polite girl, but get me into a concert and I am the complete opposite.

High schools failing to challenge students

Entering college should not be such a shock as it is for some. I'm not talking about moving away from home or having to share a room with two other people, I'm talking about the course loads. Having to stay up all hours of the night to finish a project or to write a paper is a part of the average college student's life, but when a freshman walks into a college classroom for the first time and hears that he or she has to read a book by next week it can be a complete shock.

Professor learns from African adventure

Accounting Professor Ann Servey traveled to Zambia, Africa, with Heifer International for 12 days to visit the villages, people, and to learn what it really means to teach a man how to fish. Servey, said, "I saw an organization making a true difference." Heifer International is an organization that is trying to "end hunger, poverty, and to care for the earth" all over the globe, according to Heifer.

Student activities has plenty in store

This fall semester, the office of Student Activities is planning a number of events for students to come out to and enjoy. Amy Hecht, assistant director of student activities, said, "We have a lot of events planned for the fall semester." The office of student activities has started printing "Stuff To Do" calendars.

Tennis team: reigning champs

Almost one year later the women's tennis team is starting its season again and is hoping to be able to regain the title of Pennsylvania Athletic Conference champions. Marywood University is the team's biggest rival and last year Cabrini beat them 8-1. "We're expecting to beat them," Magee said.


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