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Make a difference by helping others

After the last few hectic weeks of school and work, a day off from classes sounded perfect. Spending it in Philadelphia doing community service, however, wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but turned out to be just what I needed. Upon receiving an e-mail from the Alumni board in regards to Sophomore Service Day, a friend and I decided to sign up.

Former soap opera producer reveals the poor and the unprivledged through video

The glitz and glimmer of Hollywood and the downtrodden villages of Uganda share one thing in common. While worlds apart, these two places have been blessed with the talents of Gerry Straub. First a successful soap opera producer, Gerry Straub has transitioned from producing the overdramatic scenes of "General Hospital" to making documentaries portraying the harsh reality of the poor.

Halloween symbology

As soon as calendars turn to October, the spirit of Halloween can be felt everywhere. Superstitions take control of one's every move and the supernatural is working overtime. Witches on broomsticks adorn the insides of shop windows while jack-o-lanterns and dancing ghosts haunt front lawns.

Gossip: the good, the bad, the healthy?

All the residents in House 2 were written up Thursday night, Oct. 4. This is the first time in the memory of those involved that an entire building of students got in trouble with Public Safety in one night. The night started with just a handful of students on the second floor having a good time and resulted in a complete house party.

Jason LeVasseur gets up close and personal

Mocha Mud Pie. Award-winning singer/songwriter, Jason LeVasseur slipped those three words into every song he played Wednesday, Sept. 19 in Jazzman's Caf

Fall premieres approaching

It's that time of year again. School is in full swing and TV once again becomes interesting. The fall lineup is filled with many returning favorites and new shows to watch for. Premiere Week starts Monday Sept. 17, so get the popcorn ready and "Back To You" is a promising new sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton as local news anchors in Pittsburgh.

Alarming number of students uninsured

Young adults are the nation's largest group of uninsured-13.2 million nationally in 2007, according to the latest figures from the Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit research group in New York.

Senate passes $838 billion stimulus bill

On Tuesday, Feb. 10, the Senate passed an economic stimulus bill of $838 billion. The bill passed with a 61 to 36 vote, only three Republicans voting in favor of it. The House of Representatives passed an $819 billion version of the package on Jan. 28 with no Republican support.

Two different experiences mark an era

Widespread unemployment, near halts in industrial production and construction in conjunction with an 89 percent decline in stock prices led to a worldwide economic crisis called the Great Depression in America's history. One of six children growing up under the care of a widowed mother in the middle of the Great Depression, Catherine Arnesen, 94, remembers the Great Depression as "being not that bad.

Social justice experts praise new curriculum

Three national experts on social justice education agreed that Cabrini's new core program, Justice Matters, can bring about lasting changes in students in the coming years. In addition to the three experts, two students told about how their courses have changed them deeply.

Rally energizes McCain fans

Sen. John McCain held a rally at Montgomery County Community College on Tuesday, Oct. 13. McCain addressed the standing room only physical education center of MCCC for an energetic half an hour. He spoke about his plans for the job market, his response to the financial crisis, changing Washington and Obama's tax policies.

Editorial: Financial crisis to affect students and future of country for years to come

As a college student, what is important to you? Your friends, grades, the Eagles' score, weekend plans? Well, the current state of our economy should now become your top priority. Whether you realize it or not, this situation is going to directly affect our futures.

Financial crisis hits hard on Wall Street

Last week was the most turbulent week in money since the Great Depression. The following major financial institutions experienced bankruptcy failure or severe problems over the last few months: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and American International Group.

Did pump prices hurt summer fun?

Dear Mr. President, I just wanted to thank you for emptying my wallet for me this summer. It was really nice of you. After working fulltime for the entire summer, I managed to save a little less than $1000. You're probably thinking I must have gone on some elaborate vacation.

Program unites students with inmates

With only a badge and an ID in hand, the gate slams shut and the key turns in the lock behind the students as they enter their classroom in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. This is the experience that 15 Cabrini students have had once a week during the spring semester as part of the Inside-Out Program.

Gas prices peak at record high; drivers forced to pay at the pump

Gas prices reach a national average of $3.31 a gallon Tuesday, April 1, slipping slightly from Monday's record high of $3.39, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. Prices are 55 cents higher than a year ago. The Energy Department's Energy Information Administration's monthly report on the supply and demand of petroleum predict that monthly average pump prices will peak close to $3.


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