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The Loquitur wins 10 Pennsylvania Keystone media awards, most in school history

Cabrini’s student journalists have been known to produce award-winning stories, and this year is no different. On March 15, The Loquitur racked up 10… Read More

Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis heightened as war claims more civilian lives

What was pitched as a “special military operation” is now the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, with thousands of lives lost and… Read More

Cabrini President Donald Taylor resigns to head up Detroit Mercy

Cabrini University President Donald Taylor announced Tuesday morning that he is resigning to take a job as president at University of Detroit Mercy. His… Read More

Panel sheds light on human trafficking, another invisible pandemic ‘in our backyards’

Matthew Rutherford · Human Traficking Panel   This isn’t a hot button issue, rather a heartbreaking one that requires global attention.  Many global events… Read More

Darryl Mace PH.D., long-time history/political science professor and department chair, departs from Cabrini

The exodus of Cabrini faculty continues, this time affecting the history and political science departments.  Cabrini University President, Donald Taylor, announced Dec. 1, Dr.… Read More

One year after the death of Walter Wallace, Philadelphia comes together to honor his life

27-year old Walter Wallace Jr. had been battling multiple mental health issues, including Bipolar disorder, for years. On Oct. 26 2020, this internal struggle… Read More

Sports columnist, author shares writing tips with Cabrini students

Mike Sielski, a long-time sports columnist and author, told students at Cabrini what it takes to be a great journalist. “If you want to… Read More

Cabrini publishes crime report for 2020

Despite an expected drop in overall crime on Cabrini’s campus in 2020, the university’s annual security report shows a bump in drug referrals, up… Read More

Will Cabrini close its campus again?

This time of uncertainty has caused college students across the world to make a difficult decision. Do they slog through another year of online… Read More

Can the Eagles recapture the magic of their 2017 season?

Going into the 2020 season, the Philadelphia Eagles had high expectations. Many people believed that they were a playoff-caliber team and some had them… Read More

President Biden’s plans to revitalize US infrastructure

While partisan politics have turned most political discussions into a stalemate, both sides have proposed policies to try and fix the US’s crumbling infrastructure.… Read More

Millions of Americans might be able to vote thanks to the H.R.1 Voting bill

The citizens’ right to vote in elections is a fundamental part of any democracy. However, in the United States, millions of its citizens are… Read More

Facebook vs the Australian government: the latest chapter in the legacy of social media

Because of few legal restraints, social media companies have essentially run free for over a decade and a half. However, the Australian government is… Read More

How I started the rock climbing club on campus

Starting a club on campus can seem like a daunting task. I was in a similar boat my freshman year (last year) when I… Read More

Zuzu acrobats: not your average gymnastics routine

The Tanzania African Acrobats showcased their talents to Cabrini and Neumann faculty and students. On Thursday, Feb. 11th, the troop dazzled the audience with… Read More

What are companies doing for Black Friday this year?

We’ve all seen the videos before: a sea of people crashing into stores to try and find Black Friday deals. However, it is no… Read More

Trading on TikTok: a new spin on an old trend

Trading schemes to trade up from a small object to a much larger one like a car or a house have been common since… Read More

A first time voter’s guide to the 2020 election

With the election right around the corner, many young and first-time voters are getting overwhelmed with how to vote and what to bring to… Read More

Can movie theaters withstand COVID-19?

Many businesses and industries are facing devastating financial hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic. The movie industry, in particular the movie theater industry, is… Read More

Are some coronavirus protocols unnecessary?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire world to change how we go about the most basic tasks like shopping or going to school.… Read More