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Coach, Team succeed for Men’s Tennis

Matt Coughlin assistant news editor Raise your rackets up in the air and wave them like you just don’t care. The Cabrini men’s tennis… Read More

Week in Review

by Matt Coughlin Men’s lacrosse Last week the men’s lacrosse team upped its record to 9-4 with a victory over Scranton. Senior Ryan Greer… Read More

Step up to the challenge; `Rock it, Man’

photos by Joe Holden by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor King of Prussia Mall has a new attraction. A rock-climbing facility. The two story… Read More

Ride through nature on two wheels of fun

by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor Lumps of empty space form in the stomach as you race along the trail and launch up over… Read More

Cloning: Copying DNA becomes a reality The basic formula of life, DNA, can now be copied like a file from, and there is no copyright. Cloning, once a… Read More

A few of my favorite things

by Mike Kazanjian A&E Editor There is absolutely no reason on Earth that you should have to listen to a thing that I’m about… Read More

Buried Treasures: Movies

by Matt Coughlin The Producers Directed by Mel Brooks What do you do when you are a down-on-your-luck theatrical producer? You raise money for… Read More

March into a healthy life

by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor National Nutrition Month is March and hopefully if you go in looking like a lamb you can come… Read More

Spring sports preview: Softball swings into full action

Matt Coughlin assistant news editor The field is not yet ready, but the Cabrini softball team is itching to step up to the plate.… Read More

Acclaimed author gives 101 on hard truth

by Matt Coughlin The air in the Grace Hall Atrium vibrated softly with the buzz of chatty visitors. From the back came the sounds… Read More

Acclaimed author Nikki Giovanni tells it straight

by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor The air in the Grace Hall Atrium vibrated softly with the buzz of chatty visitors. From the back… Read More

Accident causes extensive damage

On Feb. 13, David Mackay, a senior, was involved in a one-car accident on Cabrini Drive East, the main driveway. Mackay’s 2001 Jetta slid… Read More

Christopher’s: a friendly neighborhood place

photos by Joe Holden and Matt Coughlin by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor Christopher’s Neighborhood Place creeps up on you from the middle of… Read More

Pop culture gets popped in the face

It seems like we digest pop culture before we even taste or swallow it. I guess that’s the way life is supposed to be,… Read More

Editorial: Cabrini wake up: stop speeding

How long is it going to take drivers on this campus to realize that speeding and careless driving are two ingredients that can spell… Read More

Too extreme for Minnesota?

I wanted Vince McMahon to run for president. Instead he created a football league. The XFL started their season two weeks ago to mixed… Read More

Cultural Kaleidoscope made from myriad of events

Prepare your eyes for a feast. Cultural Kaleidoscope Week is Feb. 18-23. Shirley Dixon and the office of diversity initiatives organize Cultural Kaleidoscope Week.… Read More

Fighting for the Oscar

From one end of the Shrine Auditorium come the breastplated gladiators of Rome, led by Russell Crowe, from the other come the flying martial… Read More

Loquitur Dome: The Eternal Debate

Condoms on Campus: Should the college give them out to students? by: Matt Coughlin It is the week of midterms, and you are in… Read More

Love is on the air

by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor There is a new place for the lovelorn to turn to on campus, the Love Dorm, a weekly… Read More


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