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DREAMers get scholarships at Cabrini by next year

Students and families can start applying for the first-ever scholarship that directly support undocumented students and Temporary Protected Status. Cabrini is the first school… Read More

Cavalier radio to host an open mic night

For the first time since 2012, an open mic night is returning back to the campus.   On Apr. 28 Cavalier radio is hosting an… Read More

Cabrini students and staff reacts to a possible new law

Changing your clocks every six months could be a thing of the past. On Mar. 15 the U.S. Senate passed legislation that would make… Read More

Cabrini students voice their opinions about the booster requirement

For the past two years, balancing the need for COVID-19 health and safety with wanting to have in-person learning and socialization has been a… Read More

What we can do: Spotting the signs of Human Trafficking

A frequent visitor arrived once again in the emergency room. This time a nurse spotted a bar code like an item at a grocery… Read More

Cabrini admissions announced dreamers scholarship

 Cabrini admissions announced they have partnered with TheDream.Us, a national scholarship fund for undocumented students. TheDream.US is the nation’s largest college access and success… Read More

Cabrini’s men’s and women’s basketball get ready for their seasons

With last season getting canceled due to COVID-19, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams are getting ready for their seasons. It’s been 610… Read More

Cavalier Radio broadcasts its first live sporting event in 10 years

Cavalier Radio returned to broadcasting live Cabrini sports. On Oct. 5  with the Cabrini’s Men soccer win over Centenary University (NJ) 5-2.  This was… Read More

Cabrini students give their thoughts on Eagles season

After the 42-30 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles fell to 1-3 on the season. This is the Eagles third consecutive… Read More

Men’s soccer coach joins exclusive club

Cabrini men’s soccer head coach, Rob Dallas,  joined only two other coaches in program history to win one hundred  games with a 2-1 win… Read More

Infographic for Hate Speech/Crime last four years.

This infographic shows the definition of a hate crime and statistics about hate crimes in the United States over the last four years. The data… Read More

Cabrini hosts its 6th annual gala

Seven outstanding individuals were honored for their contributions to the university and to society at the annual Visionaries Gala. The gala raised about $150,000… Read More

My whole family had COVID-19

The whole world has been affected by COVID-19 and my family is not any different. This includes not being able to go to work,… Read More

The impact of pandemic on mental health.

The awareness of mental health needs to be spread all the time especially during a pandemic, a Cabrini senior said. “There are so many… Read More

Students and faculty say online classes make learning passive.

Just like the rest of the country Cabrini is has been affected by the coronavirus. Coronavirus has affected the way students are able to… Read More

Cabrini’s staff and students voice their thoughts on the upcoming election.

Many are calling the 2020 election the most important election in our lifetime. The 2020 election is headlined with the President, 35 seats in… Read More

The name change continues as formerly known Cru5h is now called the Grill.

One of Cabrini’s places to eat has received yet another name change: from Cru5h to The Grill. The Grill is one of three places… Read More