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‘Your life is worth taking risks for’: The journey of 2 Syrian refugees

“Your life is worth taking risks for.” - a Syrian refugee

Panel discussion sparked inspiration for a professor to write a book

Video by Marissa Roberto   Dr. Joseph Romano has been a part of the Cabrini community for 57 years. His passion for philosophy and… Read More

Meet Cabrini’s first lady

Ever since 2014, President Donald Taylor, most commonly referred to as “DT,”  began leading Cabrini as the first male president. He can often be… Read More

Our hearts cry for you, Syria

To the people of Syria, Our hearts cry for you. We cry because of the destruction that is exploding in your home. It cries… Read More

Overcoming my fear of the unknown: Standing with Syrian refugees

It has been approximately four weeks since the release of President Trump’s executive order on the national ban of immigrants and refugees from seven… Read More

5 car vandalisms on campus remain unsolved

This semester some students had more than just school work and extracurriculars to stress about. Over the past few weeks there have been several… Read More

Car vandalisms on campus bring security changes

Over the past few weeks, there have been five incidents of car vandalism on Residential Blvd. that Public Safety has responded to. Each car has… Read More

A pair of shoes

Shoes. A single pair of shoes. A single pair of shoes survived a journey of over 2,000 miles. 2,000 miles of scorching hot days… Read More

Immigration attorney fights to keep unaccompanied minors safe

“My youngest client who was not in immigration court with a parent was six years old.” David Bennion is a Philadelphia-based immigration attorney who… Read More

Millennials have diverse views on immigration in the U.S.

“I believe that people have the right to choose where they want to live,” Treci Butler, junior history and second education major, said. “If… Read More

Movie night under the stars

  The Cabrini Activity Programming (CAP) Board’s Welcome Back Week is just getting into full swing and is already having a great turn out.… Read More

Syrian refugee looks for asylum in United States

“I have been here two and a half years. Me personally, I do not think about going back.” Ziad is a 27-year-old Syrian refugee… Read More

Who would spend that extra dollar to save the environment?

April is finally over and it has reached that bittersweet moment of the end of the semester when students start to pack up their… Read More

Happiness always comes with a price

Money. The little paper object that brings happiness and joy to people, as well as stress and worry. Money. It is constantly on the… Read More

Negative reactions to Instagram update raise questions

[View the story “People have negative reactions to Instagram update” on Storify]

Students who deal with anxiety are not alone

“Everything will be totally fine and then it will feel like I am dying. I never know when I am going to have an… Read More

Skinny shaming is part of body shaming

[View the story “Skinny shaming is part of body shaming” on Storify]

Founder’s Day lecturer expresses hope for Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees must have human dignity and hope, the director for Catholic Relief Services Syrian refugee efforts said Monday, Feb. 15, at the college’s… Read More

Employer Branding Day opens eyes to different job opportunities

  Photos by Kalle Blindenbacher / Photo for Pub. There are many jobs out there with different opportunities waiting to hire recent college graduates,… Read More

Students decide on graduate school

With the second semester underway, the topic of graduate school is growing more popular among seniors who are finishing up their final months at… Read More


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