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Beah inspires Cabrini students of his reflections of being boy soldier

Middle school is supposed to bring new experiences like switching classes and making new friends. It is not supposed to be about learning how to use an AK-47 and using any drug around in order to stay alert. Unfortunately, these are the experiences facing over 300,000 children and adolescents in foreign feuding countries.

Novelist dies at 84, leaving legacy behind

Kurt Vonnegut, acclaimed novelist, passed away at age 84 on April 11 due to irreversible brain injuries cause by a fall at his Manhattan home several weeks prior. Vonnegut's style of satire combined with black comedy and science fiction earned him a prominent place in many high schools throughout America.

Spring season allows baseball club to build team chemistry

For Cabrini's baseball club, the spring brings a chance for the team to build on their newfound team unity. Anthony Vellutato, a junior graphic design major and also captain of the baseball team, said "the team struggled in the fall season, with half of the team being composed of freshmen.

Women’s lacrosse back in the groove

As the 2007 season enters its fourth week of play, the Cabrini women's lacrosse team is undefeated in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. Although the women lost their first game to Ursinus in overtime, they went on to win their next two games, both of which were PAC games.

No Child Left Behind Act up for renewal

English and math. Memorize it. The words 'English' and 'math' have been buzz words around public schools for the last five years and rightly so. If math and English were ignored over the past five years, chances are, the school that ignored them lost its government funding.

Women’s history month praises those who do extraordinary things

The month of March is women's history month and I have been thinking a lot about who an influential woman is to me. To be influential as a woman I think a female has to exude a lot of confidence and most importantly, strength. Many influential women have overcome any number of women's issues that women face or have dealt with.

Doctors consider weight loss surgery for children

With the number of weight-loss surgeries almost quadrupling in the last five years among adults, many experts are beginning to question whether or not children should be considered for any type of the bariatric surgeries. Bariatric surgeries are intended only for people with a body mass index of at least 40 and who have life threatening health risks if they do not lose weight.

Winter storm leads to traffic jam

"I was a lucky one," Christina Cosma said of her latest misfortune. Cosma was smack in the middle of a traffic jam that could only begin to be cleared with the help of the National Guard. During Wednesday's winter storm roads in Hamburg, Pa. became slick and a small backup began on Interstate 78 early Wednesday morning.

Mission Corps takes action to help others

The Cabrini Mission Corps is ready and excited to start the new year. CMC was established at Cabrini College in 1990 and has been sending volunteers around the United States and abroad annually since. The CMC is a post-graduate volunteer organization that places people both within the U.

Blockbuster Online Total Access beats Netflix hands down

I have had Blockbuster online for over a year and a half and I love it! Total Access has only been in effect for a couple months, but it has only made the service better. I was happy with Blockbuster before they introduced Total Access, so I have only gotten happier.

College offers degree verifications

In an attempt to create a faster turn-around time on degree verification, Cabrini College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide degree verification for any Cabrini student. Cabrini has been using the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment verification services and decided this year to include degree verification to their service package.

Nintendo pleases gamers once again

The Nintendo Wii, which debuted this week, has left consumers feeling satisfied. The Wii is Nintendo's seventh gaming console, and its features are more extensive than anything Nintendo has released before. Like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the Wii has an internal hard drive and has wireless capability.

Xbox 360 still a hot commodity

Although Microsoft released the Xbox 360 over a year ago, it is still in high demand this holiday. Listed at $299 for a core system, and $399 for a premium packaged system, the unit is right in the middle of pricings between the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3.

Pricey PS3: a scarce expenditure

Sony's Playstation 3 hit stores recently, but many gamers are still left empty handed. The extremely limited number of consoles released will leave the Playstation 3 hanging at the top of many people's Christmas list. The Playstation 3 is "the most advanced gaming console ever created," according to Imagine Games Network.

Chanticleer Garden comes alive at Cabrini

On Thursday, Nov. 16, Visitor Services Manager at Chanticleer Gardens Anne Sims happily visited the second floor of Widener. Sims was at Cabrini after being invited by the Introduction to Drawing and Painting class. A few weeks ago, Professor Cassandra Maxwell took the class on a field trip to Chanticleer Garden because, "this class is to help students see what is beautiful in the world," Maxwell said.

Being president is no gender-specific job

Is the United States ready for a woman president? They certainly should be. Whether or not a woman actually does become president, the United States should be at a point where they can handle a female leader. Personally, I do not think it should matter what the sex of our president is.

Transmitters interrupt free FM

Recent investigations of FM transmitters have iPod, XM Radio and Sirius Radio listeners worried that they will no longer be able to listen in their cars with ease. In past weeks, many FM transmitters, which allow an XM Radio receiver or iPod to play through a car radio, have been under investigation by the Federal Communications Commission.

Grab the remote: On Demand reinvents Saturday nights

For those who subscribe to Comcast Cable Network, viewing a movie is as easy as ever; so easy that it is putting movie-rental-stores out of business. The On Demand feature that is included with most Comcast Cable packages allows the viewer to pick a show or movie from the On Demand menu and watch it whenever they want.

City of brotherly love celebrates Halloween

There are a countless number of things to do to celebrate Halloween when the city of Philadelphia is just a bus ride away. There are haunted houses, ghost tours, club and bar events and even a haunted zoo. For those students looking for a good scare, Eastern State Penitentiary is a definite option.

Drop and give me 20

The boot camp workout is the hottest new trend among exercise buffs. The workouts are designed to mimic the training sessions of soldiers. Boot camp workouts are exceptional for weight loss and for shaping up by working all of the body's muscle groups and the heart as well.
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