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Twitter: new online networking epidemic

The Twitter phenomenon is quickly finding its way into the professional as well as social lives of Cabrini students. Cabrini seniors are posing the question of whether Twitter's popularity has defeated the Facebook frenzy, which has been an object of obsession in social networking for years.

Harsh economy impacts living off campus

Despite the expectation for cheaper rents in the midst of this economic downturn, Cabrini students are instead finding their apartment rents to be on the rise.

Economic downturn hinders spring break vacations

The downward spiraling economy is to blame not only for hard-working Americans losing their jobs and having to keep a watchful eye on their budgets, it has also made traveling and vacations less obtainable. However, Americans have not let the economy's grip on their finances cancel out all relaxation and time away from the office.

Tsou focuses speech on health care

American health care costs too much, covers too few and hurts so many Americans. Yet American know more about Britney Spears than about health care. This was the message of the former health commissioner of Philadelphia, who was the Cabrini Day keynote speaker.

Endowments take hit in economic recession

Cabrini is just one of all institutions of higher education that have felt the effect of the economy's downturn. The ongoing economic collapse has put a tight squeeze on the endowment funds of universities and colleges across the United States.

Bomb threat clears Dixon Center

"Everyone evacuate now." These three words were spoken with authority and firmness within the Dixon Center a little after 1 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 9, when an unknown caller called in a bomb threat. Everyone in the building quickly abandoned their workouts and followed instructions as looks of disbelief and questioning were exchanged among students and faculty within the building.

Effects of Gustav reach students

Cabrini students from New Orleans were faced with concerns for their families and homes once again as Hurricane Gustav brought back the memories of Hurricane Katrina. The Cabrini students stress the difference between the two storms attacking their hometown.

Commuter students struggle with increasing gas prices

Commuter students across the nation are now committing to a more fuel-free lifestyle due to the increase in gasoline prices. The price of gas has more than doubled from 2005 to 2008, according to a recent report by Newsweek. Since the cost at the pump has continued to rise, Cabrini commuter students find themselves in a bind when it comes to traveling to and from school and work.

Grant connects students with inmates

A three-year, $180,000 grant has been awarded to Cabrini College in order to aid its affiliation with the Norristown community. The Pew Charitable Trustees is responsible for giving the grant, which is dedicated to assist in prisoner reentry programs for individuals exiting the Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

Building named after former president

"I was shocked. It was hard to believe that the Board of Trustees managed to keep such a secret from me," retired President Antoinette Iadarola said, when asked about her first reaction upon hearing that Cabrini's Center for Science, Education and Technology building was to be named for her.

Paid vacation for broken-hearted

Break-ups. Is there anyone who can honestly say a positive word about them? Try being a part of a relationship for three years and then out of nowhere, here come those dreaded words. A guy pulls his girlfriend aside one night and of course she thinks everything is going great between them.

Recession hinders some college graduates while others left facing little implications

With unemployment numbers up to 5.1 percent, according to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report, graduating seniors are facing a tougher job market but some employers are still hiring. Some businesses are laying off workers, while other employers say they are continuing to hire, according to interviews with human resource departments and published reports.

Students donate money in attempt to torture teachers

Teacher torture, a week-long event new to Cabrini's campus, is scheduled to begin during the week of April 12. Intending to raise money for the senior class gift, teacher torture consists of students donating money in hopes that their favorite teacher will be seen doing an amusing activity.

LiveScribe invents new note-taking approach pen

LiveScribe is the company held responsible for one of the newest innovations designed the classroom known as the smart pen. The business has been targeting college students in particular by strongly promoting their catchy phrase, "Never miss a word." Cabrini students along with professors have similar skeptical views towards the new note-taking approach the smart pen would provide.

Celebrity Body Wraps drops inches off waistline

Spending hours on end at the gym, trying Weight Watchers then South Beach Diet or cutting down on fatty food in general are all methods for maintaining healthy nutrition and staying fit. What if the traditional weight loss techniques are becoming too complicated and never seem to do the trick? Celebrity Body Wraps introduces the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap, a quick and painless way to lose those stubborn waist inches in only one hour.

Know your goals, achieve your future

Strategizing interviews for internships and co-ops causes the one headache that Cabrini's upperclassmen dread most of all. Stress surrounds juniors and seniors, especially in the month of February, to prepare groundbreaking interviews that could help land them a position for their desired co-op or internship.

Intramurals: ‘Odd man out if you don’t play’

Orlin Jespersen is the staff person in charge of planning and organizing all of Cabrini's recreational activities both inside and outside of the Dixon Center. Jespersen's primary responsibility is to promote and encourage student involvement in club sports and in intramurals.

Nardello qualifies for events in ECAC

Women's track and field newcomer, Dana Nardello, has recently qualified for the ECACs 500-meter run, the 4x400 and the 4x200. She has become eligible for the 500-meter run in Boston, as well as the 4x200 at Ursinus College this past weekend. This is Nardello's first season running for the Cavaliers.

New Curriculum to deepen students’ commitment to social justice

Cabrini College will pilot courses for the new core curriculum this fall. Engagements for the Common Good (ECG) seminars provide an entirely fresh, new way for Cabrini students to enrich their educations. The ECG seminar pilots consist of a freshman 100-level, a sophomore 200-level and a junior 300-level course.

Women’s basketball undefeated in PAC

The Cabrini College women's basketball team was victorious against Rosemont College on Monday, Jan. 21 with a final score of 58-45. Following their win over Rosemont, the Cavaliers advanced to a record of 9-4, 4-0 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. Junior Kayleen Smith lead the scorers with a total of 15 points along with 14 rebounds.


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