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First annual Breast Workout Ever brings in large support

There were 63 women who attended and celebrated, in the fight against Breast Cancer through exercising and donating. The first annual outdoor “Breast Workout Ever” at Lucille Roberts. The event was held in King of Prussia mall parking lot.

Working with body image issues in LGBT youth populations

The stigma surrounding LGBT was broken down to the audience about the issues that these people each day. Paige Walker facilitated the workshop. That is to go with doing her best to make those in the room comfortable and enjoy the discussion. It helped to get people to corporate when she asked if anyone had any questions?

Application low down – Week of Oct. 23, 2014

There is Tinder for politics. Who would have known that there would be an app for senators meeting up? It makes sense for many of them to dedicate their time to traveling, speeches, planning, and other objectives for politics. They barely get to have time to go out there and date.

Why is the RAC not stacked?

The RAC has not represented its name very well since the beginning of the year as there are low stocks of snacks for students.

The Joylon Pitt Girard Scholar-In-Residence: Douglas A. Blackmon

Douglas A. Blackmon, a New York Times best seller and Pulitzer Prize winning author, educated students about the history of slavery during his Girard Scholar-In-Residence acceptance speech.

3-on-3 basketball tournament

Many basketballs bounced as people watched each of the games played in the Dixon Center Gym here at Cabrini. Cabrini Traditions organized the tournament… Read More

T.G.I.Friday’s is more than just eating…

There are many restaurants around the area that I am sure are great and T.G.I Fridays stands among them. I walked in and felt welcomed. It only took two minutes for the hostess to speak to me with a warm greeting she asked "How you are doing tonight?" in great politeness. I responded with a smile as she also had one on her face…"I am doing well."

‘Won’t Back Down’ shows a fight for social justice in public education

In a time where there are more horror movies than there are those that show inspiration and victory, it is great to see a movie such as “Won’t Back Down” to be made. “Won’t Back Down” is a movie that is worthy of its name; for the representation of the people that are teachers within the public school system that care about their communities and have or are fighting to make change.

Sophomore slump: the seemingly forgotten

Freshman have something new to look forward to. Juni0rs have the tough task of making a name for themselves through internships. And seniors have… Read More

Cabrini’s CAP Board adds their own flavor to Family Feud

Game Show Week this year was yet another example of students coming together being involved in campus activities. On Saturday, Sept. 14, the Campus… Read More

My struggle of choice- summer internship or job?

Students are dreaming of a blissful summer, but many feel the pressure to find a great internship or job. Yet many internships do not… Read More

Drake’s Clever Release “If You Are Reading This It Is Too Late”

Drake gave his loyal listeners what they were asking for with this surprise. He is an artist that does not do many interviews. It… Read More

Student creates play as senior capstone project

Making the senior capstone project something extraordinary is a goal many Cabrini students hope for. Alyssa Reape is a senior English major with a… Read More

Pickle App

People that want to practice improving their selfie game in a way that is cool and fun will love this app. It is simple… Read More

Applicaton low down: The Sims Free Play

Make a family as you spend your time with your family during this holiday. Playing this game you can build and make relationships. Your dream home can be made including decoration customizing for Christmas. From infants to adults you can watch and give them the essentials to grow or the opposite. It reflects reality of life.

Application Lowdown: Pickle App

Do you have mad selfie game?” Do you want to practice making funny selfies in an organized and enjoyable way? This app is the app for it and it is free to download.

Turn up: Why turning 21 is a milestone

It is getting closer to birthday, when I turn 21. It is known that most college students drink before they are 21. Some people anticipate being 21. It is the time of celebration for people this age because it matches up with them becoming an adult. Some parents even take their children who are becoming adults out. Many of my college friends are either a junior like myself or a senior.

Application Lowdown: FireChat

FireChat is an app that differs from most chat apps because you do not need an internet connection or mobile phone coverage. It is known as mesh networking.

Leonard’s turntable; trending mixtapes

What are mixtapes? Mixtapes are free gifts of music to fans. They are used to grow a fanbase and expand a fan base. Many establishing artists make them to have fun and show their rap skills. There are no rules most of the time in comparison to making an album most artists have complete creative control. This is the reason many people believe mixtapes these days are being better than albums.

Cabrini’s hosts first undergraduate student art exhibit open to all students

Artists and the people who love to admire art were amazed, happy and eyes were keen as they looked at artwork displayed on the walls. On the evening of Nov. 6, Holy Spirit library’s second floor lights shined on these various types of art pieces at the first student art exhibit open to all majors.