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Is that dress really worth it? The hidden cost of fast fashion

Fast Fashion. It’s a term used for mass produced, trendy, inexpensive clothing. But the ever-so-attractive low price tag comes with consequences. Fast fashion pieces… Read More

Victoria Vernon: More than just a friendly face at Cabrini

This year’s valedictorian is Victoria Vernon. She finished up her studies last semester and is graduating from Cabrini University with an English and Secondary… Read More

The silent irritant

Pollen. It affects all of us, one way or another. I was pretty much immune to the side effects of pollen until a few… Read More

Cabrini University Salaries

This info graphic compares Cabrini University salaries to one another. It shows that, overall, Department Directors make the most money out of the 4… Read More

What it means to be an Editor

I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years. I was always told by my peers that Journalism was a tough course. Since it was… Read More

How to stay safe as a woman

Women have to do a lot more than men to stay safe on a daily basis. Do men walk through dark parking lots vigilantly… Read More

Former Loquitur editor now published writer

A 2016 Cabrini grad and former Loquitur editor has recently become a published writer. Former Communication major, Erica Abbott, recently released her debut poetry… Read More

Cumulative COVID-19 Cases for the Fall Semester: Cabrini and Eastern Universities

The fall semester is coming to a close. Below, we take a look at the cumulative number of cases per university. As you can… Read More

My experience contracting COVID-19

I sat at home with my mom from March until May. By the time summer rolled around, I was kind of “done” with the… Read More

Who is Elliot Page?

Elliot Page, formerly Ellen Page, came out to the world as transgender on Dec. 1. They shared a beautifully written post on Instagram detailing… Read More

Can you actually make money on Poshmark?

I was a full time athlete in high school, which made it impossible for me to get a job during the school year. I… Read More

How my non-human friends were an important part of my lock down experience

It’s tough to think about what the world was like before the pandemic. I remember being so excited for a long weekend back in… Read More

Why is it important to wear a face mask?

This point of view is reflective of my experience as a Delaware resident. Laws and mandates vary by state. Five months. It’s been nearly… Read More

What’s going on with the Delaware beaches?

It’s tough to go a day, let alone an hour, without seeing or hearing a new update about COVID-19. Text messages like the one… Read More

How COVID-19 has affected my small beach town

COVID-19 has affected everyone differently and I truly believe that nothing regarding social interaction will be the same after this pandemic is over. The… Read More

Billie Eilish: The teenage superstar that dominated the Grammys

She boasts over 53 million Instagram followers. She’s only 18 years old. She wears strictly baggy clothes. She has lime green hair (for now)… Read More

The toxicity of Instagram

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that social media is really just a highlight reel. It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people and… Read More

Reasons to go cruelty-free with your toiletries and cosmetics

I still recall the first time I learned about animal cruelty and testing cosmetic products on animals. In 2012, a demonstrative advertisement was put… Read More

Don’t let those back-to-school blues drag you down

Does anybody really enjoy coming back to school after a long and fun-filled break? Getting yourself back into the swing of school can be… Read More

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later

“It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you later.” This is what my best friend Mariana and I say whenever we see each other… Read More


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