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Coaches advise players through college career

Cabrini sports teams attract athletes from the tri-state area and as far as California so it is no wonder that coaches take the liberty to play the role of coach and parent to their players. The coaches at Cabrini take an interest in their players' academic and athletic status.

Roller hockey battles Neumann in overtime

Fierce slap shots and constant body checking into the roller hockey rink's boards at Marple Sports Arena were just part of the intense game the Cavaliers offered their fans on Sunday, Oct. 17. Despite their efforts the Cavaliers lost 5-4 in a nerve-racking overtime.

No need for weekend bags

It's a crazy Thursday night and resident students cannot find a single parking spot on Residential Boulevard. The campus is alive. Every building is booming with voices and the streets are filled with the sounds of a typical Thirsty Thursday. Friday afternoon comes and the college campus is deserted.

Recruitment methods attract talents

Every year the number of freshman students who participate in Cabrini athletics is increasing due to the recruiting efforts of the admissions office, the athletic department, and coaches. Coaches may receive notice that an exceptional athlete is recruiting Cabrini.

Graduate school creates split decisions

As graduation approaches quickly many of the seniors will consider attending graduate school but one question they need to consider is whether or not graduate school is necessary to enhance their career or just a way to avoid a mediocre job. When it comes to grad school, are students attending because they need to, or just because they can't find a spectacular job? Before you drop 50 thousand more dollars for a graduate degree that may take two to four years, you had better know if it is worth it.

Stick to the books or hit the gym

The mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but the waist is also a terrible thing to mind. In fact, most women would rather have a thinner waist than a higher I.Q., according to the results of a recent nationwide woman's survey. According to the survey, when asked if women would prefer a slimmer waist or a higher I.

‘Failure to Launch’ fails to surprise

If you are looking for predictable romance, look no further than the aptly titled, "Failure to Launch," playing in theaters now. Matthew McConaughey returns to his favorite movie genre, and in this film, he plays Tripp, a 35-year-old yacht salesman, outdoor-adventurer and typical playboy who has avoided responsibility his whole life and thus still lives with his frustrated parents.

Rich kids win in the fight for college aid

Every year Cabrini's tuition increases causing low-income students to fret. The tuition at Cabrini has increased 32.7 percent over the past five years while the national average among private colleges shows an increase of 22.2 percent. With an increase of nearly eight percent between last year and this year, low-income students have good reason to worry.

Students take on long-term burden as debt loads rise

It's three o'clock in the afternoon and Megan O'Brien, an early childhood education major is running around her dorm-room frantically trying to throw off her jeans and change into her work clothes. She has been in classes since 8:15 this morning and is exhausted but manages to rush out the door in time for work with text books in-hand to study on her dinner break.

Grand jury report: scandal covered up for 30 years

The Philadelphia grand jury concluded its three-year-long investigation of sexual abuse of children by priests in Philadelphia, accusing two former archbishops of "a continuous, concerted campaign of cover-up." The Philadelphia Roman Catholic Archdiocese quickly denounced the grand jury findings as "reckless rhetoric, dispensed from any burden of proof, and it is not responsible law enforcement.

Presidential powers explained

Dr. James Hedtke, professor of history and political science, quoted John F. Kennedy saying, "As president, I have extraordinary powers but I have to exercise them under extraordinary restraint." The lecture on presidential power and the Constitution was held in Grace Hall on Thursday, Sept.

Plastic surgery scares some, entices many

Cosmetic surgery proves to be more than skin deep. The sexy airbrushed bodies on magazine covers and the beautifully toned bodies of celebrities are tempting women of all ages to chose plastic surgery to obtain their dream body.

Surprising survey: students bored

The electronic responses of 10,378 teenagers who participated in an online nationwide survey painted a grave picture of how students rate the effectiveness of their schools in preparing them for the future. A large majority of the high school students surveyed say their class work is not very difficult, and almost two-thirds say they would work harder if courses were more demanding or interesting, according to the survey which was conducted by the National Governors Association.

Freshman chaos

If you have tried to find a seat in the cafeteria and failed then you might agree that there are entirely too many new students at Cabrini this semester. The college has accepted 601 new students, including transfer students. If you think it is tough finding a place to park now, what will happen next September when the largest freshman class in Cabrini history attempts to cram over 500 cars on Cabrini's crowded campus? It seems to me there will be many sticky situations and controversial issues for the resident students' to hurdle.


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