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Good mood diet

There's an undeniable reason why there is ice cream stored in the freezer, cake mix in the cabinet and potato chip crumbs scattered across student's latest biology notes. Food has the power to shape people's mood and help them feel better when things just don't seem to be going their way.

Eco-friendly makeup tips

Going green has gone further with the introduction of eco-friendly jewelry and makeup. The start of this year has brought a new trend and this year jewelry and makeup are being designed to help the environment. Clays and woods are being used in the production of these tools and makeup.

P.A.R.T.Y. helps students cherish memories

Students looked to the past to create memory boxes on Thursday, Jan. 29, in the East Residence Hall lounge. This event was hosted by P.A.R.T.Y., an organization that was started to offer students who don't drink an opportunity to interact and participate in activities where there is no pressure to drink.

Local band thinks ‘Outside the Box’

known as Outside the Box, consumes most of the time of one of Cabrini's most artistic students. Francis Valentino is a sophomore communication major.

Trumpet prodigy brings spirit to Cabrini

On Sunday, Oct. 24, professional trumpet player Rodney Mack captivated the crowd at Cabrini College. In a short concert held in the Cabrini Mansion, Mack was accompanied by accomplished pianist Liza Wu. Together they charmed the crowd with interpretations of pieces by renowned musicians such as Bach and one of Mack's own relatives, Ellis Marsalis.

Pink Floyd cover band plays familiar beat

On Friday, Oct. 10, the Australian Pink Floyd performed at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby. The show was nothing short of amazing and fans of all ages were treated to a full sensory music experience. The band not only played Pink Floyd's music in a hauntingly similar fashion, but also presented a top-notch laser light show.

Scholarships not so hard to come by

The cost of school these days can be ridiculous, especially private schools such as Cabrini. The cost of tuition, housing, food and books will either leave your bank account suffering or leave you with the responsibility of paying off a hefty loan when your four years are completed.

Exercise-induced asthma linked to sweat levels

Every athlete benefits from proper hydration and nutrition, especially those athletes who are predisposed to exercise-induced asthma (EIA). Elite athletes have exhibited exercise-induced asthma because of their highly competitive nature. Dr. Warren Lockette and researchers of the Naval Medical Center in San Diego have recently linked exercise-induced asthma with low sweat levels.

Cavs earn tie with Collins’ late goal

The Cavaliers battled the Blue Jays from Johns Hopkins University Wednesday, Sept. 17, resulting in a 2-2 tie. Johns Hopkins University was one of Cabrini's toughest competitors and a pre-season favorite going into the game. There was a struggle to score for both teams in the first period.

Offensive woes factor in loss for women’s soccer

The Cabrini women's soccer team lost against Arcadia University last Saturday with a final score of 2-1. The Cavalier's offense showed tremendous effort with 25 shots against Arcadia's 15. "We dominated which definitely showed, we just had trouble putting the ball in the back of the net," Nikki Duggan, senior communications major, said.

This Week in Sports

Westbrook suffers concussion The Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is scheduled to meet with two specialists in to determine if he can resume playing football after a series of concussions. Westbrook sustained his second concussion in three weeks in Philadelphia's 31-23 loss at San Diego on Sunday.

Online leadership series offered

A new online program known as the Leadership Podcast Series has been launched for student leaders at Cabrini. The purpose of the series is to teach students leadership skills, specifically focusing on leadership development and time management. The series features eight podcasts released throughout the semester, with each program being 15 minutes long.

Task force to enhance campus diversity

A new Diversity Task Force, formed this summer by Cabrini College President Marie A. George, is developing plans to promote a more diverse environment since diversity was cited in multiple areas of the College's strategic agenda. "The work the Diversity Task Force will do includes a campus-wide assessment, as well as a study of best practices among colleges and universities," Dr.

Melanoma on the rise, taken by surprise

Although a popular summer luxury includes hours of baking in the sun, there are severe and deadly side effects to consider, which can harm parts of the body that are repeatedly exposed to the sun. There are approximately 11,590 deaths due to skin cancer each year.

Is it immaturity or preference?

As soon as I came to college, and even towards the end of high school, I started noticing that some guys choose to chase outspoken, mean or basically snotty girls. This obviously confused me from the start because I didn't understand what guys liked about girls who placed themselves on a throne.

Panera: better food, better quality

Panera Bread is a popular destination for those who want to eat fresh and nutritious foods. They offer customers a warm and welcoming environment to relax and enjoy their meal. Panera provides customers with a coffee shop atmosphere, much like Starbucks, but in addition they have a large selection of sandwiches, salads and breakfast foods.

Starting fresh, banning stress

Starting fresh at a new school can be stressful. Starting off at college can be even more stressful. First-year college students at Cabrini, and first-year students everywhere, are forced to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. Transitioning from high school to college means changing from a comfortable standard of living to an unknown future.

How ethical is it to design a child?

Selecting a child's hair and eye color before they are born is now an option for future parents. I personally disagree with parents who choose to do this. It's abnormal to control human life and who people will become before they are even born. Designing a child should not be in the same category as picking out a new car.

Salmonella scare

The salmonella bacteria was recently discovered in two brands of peanut butter. The Minnesota Department of Health released test results showing the bacteria specifically in a five-pound jar of peanut butter. The distribution of this bacteria could lead to outbreaks and even death.

Public Safety site releases newest campus crime stats

The crime statistics of Cabrini can be found on the Web site under Public Safety Report, which is updated each year. These statistics are broken into categories such as murder, sex offenses, motor vehicle theft and liquor law violations. The statistics show no occurrence of harsh offenses such as manslaughter, murder or motor vehicle theft.


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