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Balancing Law and School

Ronald Katkocin has been teaching business law since the fall of 1993. In 2001 Katkocin taught constitutional law. “I remember specifically it was the… Read More

Why Can’t We Drink?

If an 18-year-old man or woman is legally obligated to vote and serve his or her country, why can they not legally consume alcohol… Read More

Your King of Prussia Parking Issues Resolved

During the holiday season, parking at the King of Prussia mall becomes a critical issue. The largest mall in America in terms of square… Read More

Dr. Courtney Smith and her passion for history

Dr. Courtney Smith, a professor from the history department, began teaching at Cabrini in the fall of 1998. Smith loves teaching at the university… Read More

Dr. Ronald Whitaker and his take on Social Jusitce

Dr. Ronald Whitaker serves different roles at the university. Whitaker began his career back in 2014 where he has served as an assistant professor… Read More

Dr. Susan Helenski on the Mathematics Department

Susan Helenski has been teaching here for three total semesters starting back in August of 2018. Helenski is a professor of the mathematics department… Read More

Lisa Podolsky on the Importance of SEaL

Lisa Podolsky is the assistant director for leadership development since 2013. Podolsky said that there are everyday challenges involved in her job. There is… Read More

Legendary sports broadcaster shares words of wisdom

Accepting opportunities that come your way and overcoming adversity is the way to succeed when starting your career, a professional sports broadcaster said Wednesday,… Read More

Solidarity March calls for change

Video by Jeffrey Williams and Thomas Trucksses Black Student Union led a solidarity march to unite campus and call on the Cabrini community to… Read More

Super Bowl LVI bubble

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who just recently won Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs, will look to defend their title throughout the… Read More

NHL’s best player, an underrated phenomenon

In the United States, it has been made quite clear that hockey is the least popular sport of the major four sports. Besides hockey,… Read More

Philadelphia Flyers’ captain plays 904th game

Captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Claude Giroux, has now played in 904 regular-season games with the franchise. Giroux surpassed the former Flyer, Bill Barber,… Read More

Philadelphia Eagles trade QB Carson Wentz to Indianapolis Colts

Now former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Carson Wentz, was traded to the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday, Feb. 18. In exchange, Philadelphia has received a 2021… Read More

Legendary Eagles quarterback to launch sports com minor speaker series

Cabrini University is scheduled to welcome Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame quarterback Ron Jaworski to speak on behalf of the newly added sports communication… Read More

Hockey broadcaster Mike “Doc” Emrick retires

As a lifelong fan of the game of hockey, I have idolized many players and coaches throughout the years. However, my love for the… Read More

Domestic violence awareness month

Statistics For every minute that passes, there are nearly 20 people who are physically assaulted by an intimate partner. On average, this equates to… Read More

Major league stadiums serving as polling sites for 2020 election

During the presidential elections, there are many places where one can go vote. Some places might be schools and libraries. However, the polling places… Read More