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Environmental issues affects human health directly and indirectly

There are so many ways our climate has impacts the world every single day. While extreme temperatures and weather patterns have a large effect… Read More

Deportation tears family apart

Editor’s Note: The surname of the subject in this article has been omitted to protect his the identity. Imagine waking up to go to a court date and… Read More

Black history through Cabrini

Black history has been celebrated since the abolishment of slavery, ultimately evolving into Black History Month. The month of February has been a celebration… Read More

The way we don’t see it: fantasizing abusive relationships

Some of the most popular films for romance-enthusiasts are actually exemplary instances of dating violence. Look at movies such as “The Notebook” and “Fifty Shades… Read More

Taking control of sexual harassment

Video by Coraline Pettine.   Sexual harassment is happening so often in this society, but many people do not know what to do in… Read More

Hair a key component to self-expression

When looking at a person, one of the first impressions you have of them is how they wear their hair. All people have all… Read More

College Survival Guide: Traveling during break

Winter break has officially started and many of you are going on vacations or may even travel far to go home. Whatever you do,… Read More

College Survival Guide: Finals week

  Finals week is here and for some, it’s a relief. For others, it can feel like the worst time of their life. People… Read More

‘The Trouble With My Name’

Video by Kelly Bush and Kaitlyn D’Ambrosio

How should we celebrate Columbus Day?

This past Monday, students were given the day off for the dean’s fall holiday. We students are facing midterms and busy social lives. A… Read More

Senioritis in sports

Senior year of college is often viewed as the most significant. From looking for internships and future career opportunities, senior seminars, to balancing school… Read More

No pain no gain: a flashback of a Cabrini forward’s season

For athletes that are in heir off-season, relaxing and catching up on school work can be what occupies most of their time. For number… Read More

Mothers and child nudity

When you see a mother post a picture of her baby in the tub most would think, “Aww how cute,” but when you’re famous… Read More

Cabrini alumni assisting in athletics

They say experience makes for the best teacher, and here at Cabrini, alumni with experience in the athletic program are welcomed back to share… Read More

Traveling Missions for Spring Break

When spring breaks with comes around, some students have absolutely nothing planned while others have been planning a trip since their previous break. This year, Cabrini’s… Read More

Students find it is never too early for summer

Summer, summer, summer. The semester just started, yet college students want to scream. Shopping for the summer can be so hectic. Though it is winter,… Read More

The 14th day of February

Xoxo love hearts and kisses. Seems to be the only “holiday” around this time of the year. Feb. 14, known to most as Valentine’s Day,… Read More

What is so new about 2017?

“New year new me”, seems to be the thing people say every year. No, they are not really a new person but what does… Read More

Away from home for the holidays: How out-of-state students celebrate holidays away from their families

When students get accepted into college there is a rush of happiness and freedom that comes along. This feeling hit many Cabrini students who… Read More

Medical marijuana legalization calls for possible policy change at Cabrini

  In the year 2016, Pennsylvania became the 24th state legalizing comprehensive marijuana. It has been proved that this medication can assist with serious… Read More
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