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Caf presents new options

The dining services at Cabrini have acquired some additions since last year. The first change is the addition of two new stations in the cafeteria. The second is a new take-out program that offers students the option of eating long after the cafeteria closes.

Heritage bus tour educates

Students took a bus trip to Philadelphia to better understand the Italian heritage in two parts of the city: Germantown and Chestnut Hill. Dr. Joan Saverino, an expert of the Italian heritage in these areas, who has been researching this subject since 1998, led the tour on Sunday, Sept.

Fall musical preview delights audience

A preview of "Trixie True Teen Detective" gave Cabrini's community a taste of what's to come theatrically for the fall semester of 2005. On Thursday, April 21, the student body gathered in the theater to find out what was making all of the buzz. Student volunteers from the Cabrini College community came together to provide a staged reading and musical counterpart of what is to come this fall.

Owens shows more emotion on field

Some may think that it is too early to be excited about the upcoming Eagles season, but many may have to remember that there are no fans like the fans in Philadelphia. One person that has definitely started to realize this is our star player. A few weeks ago, I heard that T.

Students ‘renew their passports’

An event held to promote awareness about immigration was held in Jazzman's Caf

Summer Fashion

he spring season is well upon us and when it comes to the season's fashion scene, one word can truly describe the trends, and that word is color. Although some may feel more comfortable in neutral colors, such as nude, shoppers will have to choose from much bolder colors this spring and later in the summer season.

Pulling inspiriation from friend

The other day I was sitting in my room loathing and thinking about all my problems I have to take care of, including all the schoolwork I have to catch up on, finding a job for the summer, paying for repairs on my car after an accident, helping my mom and losing the weight I put on this year.

In theaters now

"Robots" Most people expected this movie to be just as entertaining as previous animated releases of last year, such as "The Incredibles." Although the film did have some funny moments, it did not come close to matching-up to its animated competitors. "A-list" actors such as Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry and Robin Williams, which honestly make the film somewhat more disappointing, are the robot voices.

Pilates: best workout

Over the years, I have struggled to find the time to exercise, let alone find a form of exercise that I truly enjoy doing. I've done everything from walking to crunches to dancing. Eventually, I did find something that I enjoy doing and works at the same time.

Love and friendship

I think I was in love once. I'm sure most of you reading would be able to say the same thing. It was one of those instances that lasted for a matter of a few months but sticks with you for a lifetime. There was no hurt, no lies or no cheating. It ended simply because we had no other choice.

Wisconsin shootings hit home

The other night, my father and I were watching CNN. We were both interested in the ongoing process to catch Brian Nichols, the suspect in the courtroom shooting in Atlanta. Whenever I hear stories like this one, I can never stop watching and wondering how these people's minds can get so faded.

Which way will it swing?

The Presidential campaigns are nearing the end, and the race is closer than ever-therefore, each vote will be incredibly crucial. The election that some people say may be the closest ever is becoming more unpredictable every day. As of Sunday, Oct. 24, the Rumussen Presidential poll reports that President George W.


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