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Wicked shows the other side of the rainbow

Most people are familiar with the classic movie, "The Wizard of Oz." Not many are familiar with the tale of "Wicked." Wicked is a Broadway musical. The play opened its curtains for the first time on Halloween of 2001.Today "Wicked" is perfomed across the country.

Cabrini opens new welcome center

Cabrini opened a new welcome center booth in the past month to monitor visitors on campus. The welcome center was built to replace the check-point at night when entering campus. It is located on the right side of the Upper Gulph entrance. According to the official announcement sent out by Cabrini, the same rules and regulations as last year are in effect.

Virginia Tech shooting hits a little too close to home

By now I am sure everyone has heard many different stories and events that took place at Virginia Tech University on April 16. "The worse shooting in the U.S. history," is one of the scariest thoughts that I personally have heard in a while. I think many can agree that this story may have hit a little too close to home.

CAP board concert kicks off spring with ‘Countrified’ band

About 150 of the Cabrini community and residents from the area all came together for an enjoyable concert hosted by our very own Campus Activities and Programming Board. The concert was held Friday, April 20 in the Dixon center. It starred Emerson Drive and featured Pie Boys Flat and Ed Garage.

Art show unveils senior accomplishments

This past week many students were able to show off their talents at the senior art exhibit. The Senior Art Exhibit is taking place in the Holy Spirit library on the second floor. The grand opening was this past Sunday from 3-5 p.m., and the student's pieces were hung up all week.

Phillies’ Burrell continues powerful baseball career

The Philadelphia Phillies are back. Fans attending the first few games of the season may have noticed left-fielder Patrick Brian Burrell. Burrell has earned his spot playing in the Major Leagues throughout his powerful baseball career. Burrell was born on Oct.

No compass needed to find SXSW

Many people may remember a couple years ago, when the cast of MTV's "Real World" Austin, had a chance to work with the South by Southwest Music Company. The Austin cast was able to pick out a band from the festivals in which they could promote. The band they had chosen is none other then the well-known HelloGoodbye.

Starbucks brews up a record label

Concord Music has found a new partner within the music industry. On Monday March 12, Starbucks Coffee announced it will be creating its own music label. It will develop new records that will be sold in its world-wide chain of coffeehouses and in some traditional retailers.

Ozzy can still throw a party

Groundbreaking news has struck the music industry as we know it. The famous couple, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne excitedly announced the tour dates of their 12th annual Ozzfest. They also announced the new name for their concert this summer, "FreeFest." That's right, both the Osbournes and the tour producer have agreed to pull the plug on ticket prices.

Students give thanks to special women in their lives

The month of March is dedicated to women and all their contributions to society. Cabrini students pictured here give their thanks to those special women who have made a difference in their lives.

Be good to your body with organic diet

Would you like to know what you are putting into your body by the foods you are eating? If so, one way to be absolutely sure of this is by switching to an all organic food diet. Organic food simply is food that does not contain any pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage sludge.

Child Stars: Where are they now?

Name: Mayim Bialik Age: 33 Then: Played Blossom Russo on her hit series "Blossom" from '91-'95. Now: Bialik has appeared in "Fat Actress" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." She has recently given birth to her one-year-old son. Name: Jaleel White Age: 32 Then: Played Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" from '89 - '98.

‘LOST’ brings suspense and question

Are you lost in ABC's hit series "Lost?" Season four begins with even more questions than what season three left us with. By now many probably have realized that this is and will be the situation with "Lost" until the final episode, when we can only hope that all of our questions will be answered.

‘Super Tuesday’ leaves candidates in tight race

Primary elections were held on Feb. 5 in 24 states, the largest number of states, ever on one day, giving it the nickname, "Super Tuesday." "Super Tuesday" became the day when many delegates were chosen to go to their party's convention to select their candidate.

Positive idea gone up in smoke

As someone who has been recently trying to quit smoking cigarettes, it is difficult plenty of times to see people everywhere, especially celebrities, having a smoke. It just makes my craving for that one drag skyrocket. When I first heard about the idea of movies cutting out many scenes with smoking in them and put habits like chewing gum or biting nails in their place, I was relieved.

So, think you can dance?

Many people may have been sucked into last summer's hit reality show, "So you think you can dance," yet again for another amazing season. This fall they kicked off their world tour with the top ten contestants of the show including some special appearances.

Nights of thrills and chills

Take a tour through the old city's prison. See the "Terror Behind the Walls" of the abandoned and haunted jail located on Fairmount Ave. in Philadelphia. It will be open every weekend for the rest of the month and also on the dates of the 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30 and 31 of October.

The N Crowd: Philly’s improv group

Philadelphia concluded their 11th annual Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and the Philly Fringe Festival on Sept. 15. The festivals began on Aug. 31 and ran for three weeks. According to Philadelphia's official festival website, The Philadelphia Live Arts festival are events that are performed by successful contemporary artists.

Maki provides musical relaxation during lunch

Singer and songwriter, Venice Maki performed for students and staff in Jazzman's on Sept. 6. The artist performed an hour long concert for free. He created a laid-back atmosphere where students gathered in between classes, as Maki sang acoustic. "Commuters can come and relax in between classes.

iPhone: Grasp technology in the palm of your hand

By now almost everyone has at least seen or heard about the iPhone. Some have been even lucky enough to hold the new technology super-model. The new iPhone came out on June 29 provided by AT&T and made by Apple, the same maker of the iPod and iTunes.


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