Kate Muska

A sophomore communications major with a minor in English, Katie is very dedicated to her writing. Katie is an assistant editor to the Lifestyles section of the Loquitur and is looking to go into the field of publishing.

Articles by Kate Muska

Star light, star bright: Why don’t we see stars at night?

  When I was little, my parents ran a youth group at our church. Once a year, in the summertime, they would take the… Read More

The military deserves our utmost respect

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook as I do on a pretty regular basis, watching videos and reading posts, when I came… Read More

Cabrini introduces new Master’s program in biological science

With growth and new programs coming to Cabrini, one of the many changes that will benefit students are the new masters programs that are… Read More

What does it mean to be not just a student, but a veteran too?

While most Cabrini students begin college right after high school, some join the military first and then come to college after their service is… Read More

How not to date: a lesson from our parents

Remember the good old days when a young gentleman would properly court a young lady? He would be kind to her and show some… Read More

Winter Break Starting Later Than Usual

Cabrini College is doing something different this year and that is starting winter break on Dec. 19, less than a week before Christmas. I feel this… Read More

We need to give a big “thank you” to our parents

We learn a lot in our lives. We learn math and science and history. We take dance classes, read books and train with coaches.… Read More

Music shaming creates unnecessary conflicts

A popular topic trending throughout the years that we do not commonly notice 100 percent of the time is called “music shaming.” Music shaming… Read More

Relationship quitters resorting back to ‘ghosting’ others

Have you ever been in a relationship and out of nowhere, the other person just stops talking to you? An old fad in relationships… Read More

Virginia Shooting

The media blew up with news of the Virginia shooting with a lot of negative comments.

Softball looks to start the season off swinging

The spring softball pre-season is underway and the ladies are ready to be on the field.

Senior Scott Hunt looks at his 17-year journey

Senior swimmer Scott Hunt takes a look back at his 17-year swimming career.

Calvin the Cavalier remains a mystery

Calvin the Cavalier, Cabrini's beloved mascot, has a double-life as a student.

Alumni basketball games bring former Cavaliers together

Alumni from several different graduating classes came together on Saturday, Jan. 31 to play basketball again.

‘New year, new me’ January brings the start of resolutions

Making New Year's commitments is easy, but sticking to them is the hard part.

CAP Board hosts restaurant week

Cabrini's CAP Board hosted restaurant week last Friday.

Laura Patton: the backbone of Cabrini athletics

Laura Patton, coordinator of facilities and operations at Cabrini's athletic center, has proven herself a vital part of the school's athletic department.

‘The Bachelor’ sets low standards for entertainment

ABC's 'The Bachelor' shows a blatant disregard for the respect of women and men alike.

W.W. Smith Scholarship helps students fund schooling

For the 35th consecutive year, Cabrini students were given the opportunity to divide a $69,000 charitable scholarship. These scholarships we given to 32 students who their college of attendance deemed worthy and in-need.

Cavalier Ad Club learns about advertising from professionals

The Cavalier Ad Club was recently able to visit the Brownstein Group, a company that specializes in advertising, brand strategy, public relations and social media, where they learned the ins and outs of advertising roles and campaign for clients.


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