John Rader

John Rader

My name is John “Jake” Rader and I am a senior here at Cabrini University. This is my second year being a part of the Loquitur, as I am the News Editor for this year's team. In addition to that, I am also in charge of managing the corrections page for the Loquitur. I have an avid passion for being on camera, and showing off my personality. My ultimate goal is to be a news or sports anchor, or doing sports broadcast work. I hope to continue to build my highlight reel this year with the Loquitur, and I have formally interned/blogged for Branded Sports.

Articles by John Rader

Cabrini President Donald Taylor resigns to head up Detroit Mercy

Cabrini University President Donald Taylor announced Tuesday morning that he is resigning to take a job as president at University of Detroit Mercy. His… Read More

Should Cabrini sponsor a football team?

A brisk Sunday morning, the smell of grass and the feeling of a cool breeze whisking through your ears. This is football weather, and… Read More

What do Trump or Biden have to do with who I date? Dating apps get political.

If you are a hopeless romantic like myself, you may have turned to dating apps at one point or another. Dating apps like Hinge,… Read More
Eagle Rd basketball

The Battle of Eagle Road ends in defeat for Cabrini

The Battle of Eagle Road, a crosstown matchup that Cabrini has dominated over Eastern University for the better part of the last 50 years.… Read More

Cabrini graduates talk career path, professional connection to Joe Biden

At a school like Cabrini, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by the various career options that are available for the student body.… Read More

Sports and Spirituality: An overlooked connection?

When the game is on the line, faith sometimes wavers in people, For Dr. Edward Hastings, this was never the case. Hastings is currently… Read More

Phishing Scams: What Do I Need To Know?

The Internal Revenue Service calls you, and states that you have a certain amount of money owed to them. The call is alarming, as… Read More

Cabrini professor gives a lesson on your rights

In accordance with Constitution day, the Cabrini University political science department put on an event celebrating the signing of this historic document. Dr. James… Read More

A bridge to a better future for Zambian students

It only takes a short walk around Cabrini’s campus to notice that social justice is a key component of the school. From bake sales… Read More

Cabrini announces new Associate Deans

In an email sent to the Cabrini faculty on Dec. 8, Dr. Michele Filling-Brown, dean of academic affairs, named two current professors to its… Read More

The fire that wasn’t: Founders Hall classes disrupted by smoke

At roughly 10:45 Thursday morning, a fire alarm went off in Founders Hall and the building was evacuated. This is the second time in… Read More

Cabrini continues to feel effects of inflation

Many experts fear that the United States is on the verge of another recession, and the Cabrini student body is feeling the effects of… Read More

Troy Vincent details his fight against domestic violence

In the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds, and one in every three women is assaulted at some point… Read More

Catch Cornel West, Cavalier Radio open mic and senior celebration to round out the school year

With the spring semester is winding down, you may find that things are a little bit slower around the Cabrini campus. Despite this, there… Read More

How Cabrini builds championship caliber athletes

In the world of athletics, bigger, stronger and faster is the name of the game, as athletes will do just about anything to get… Read More

Biden’s ban on Russian oil and gas garners mixed feelings from the American people

This past month gas prices soared to an all time high of $4.32 per gallon in the United States. This price range is a… Read More

CBS reporter Walt Hunter details his 40-plus years of fighting sex trafficking

Walter Hunter remembers it like it was yesterday.  As an investigative reporter, Hunter covered many breaking stories on drug abuse in Philadelphia in the… Read More

Former Dolphins coach Brian Flores sues the NFL for racial discrimination

In a league that is nearly 70 percent African American, there are only three coaches of color to represent the majority of players in… Read More