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Stuck in paradise, really stuck

"Alright, now I'm going to push. All I want you to do is slowly accelerate on the gas. Don't floor it!" I said this to my girlfriend, Kelly, as I rolled up my sleeves to push my ton-something Buick. Of course her Dodge Neon is no match for my car, and she poorly misjudged its power.

A National Lampoon talent

Thanksgiving is already here. It's the beginning of the greatest season of the entire year. Thanksgiving is the threshold of eating, decorating, visiting with family, crazy mall confrontations, school break and so much more. I will begin fasting on Sunday in order to pack it all in on Thursday night.

No fibs on the resume

Have you ever been stuck in a lie? How about a small white lie? If you answered “yes” then read on. If you answered… Read More

`Ain’t no mountain high enough’

photos by Justine DiFilippo by Joe Holden copy editor The women’s lacrosse team made the tough climb up the mountain and peaked victoriously over… Read More

Mother Ursula Infante, MSC, 1897 – 2001, Cabrini foundress dies; legacy lives on

by Joe Holden editor in chief This is the story of Mother Ursula Infante’s last days. Mother Infante had been placed on deathwatch a… Read More

Corrupt police: beat it

Life is all about making mistakes. Learning from mistakes teaches us about accomplishment. Philadelphia Police Captain James Brady made a huge mistake when he… Read More

Clinton won’t escape this time

It’s time to put an end to the Clinton regime and his mockery of the American legal system. His pardons are what should be… Read More

Infante 104; founder’s day established

photo by Joe Holden by Joe Holden editor in chief State courts were battling whether women should be allowed to vote. William McKinley was… Read More

Action News cameraman `has seen the world’

by Joe Holden “I’m an equal opportunity shafter,” Eric Goldenberg said. He gives both sides coverage with bias to either. A retired Channel 6… Read More

Infante 104, founder’s day established

by Joe Holden State courts were battling whether women should be allowed to vote. William McKinley was president and Academy Award-winning director and filmmaker… Read More

Party to be held to celebrate Infante’s 104th

Joe Holden “She’s just incredible.” Lucy Traino says it all in a few simple words. She pauses and hesitates to find words to convey… Read More

Special-interest housing offered to residents

Joe Holden editor in chief Beginning next semester, the college will offer special-interest housing to students wanting to create a true living-learning environment. If… Read More

Campus lighting, security assessed on light walk

Joe Holden by Joe Holden editor in chief The administration is concerned that there are not enough lights and emergency call boxes on campus.… Read More

Presidential election down to wire

CNN online by Joe Holden editor in chief “It’s a going to be won by a whisker. From the beginning of September all indicators… Read More

Faithful give public witness by candlelight

Joe Holden by Joe Holden An estimated 45 to 50 thousand faithful from all over the Philadelphia region participated in the Eucharistic Candlelight Procession… Read More

Welcome to College Publisher, Jerry!

College Publisher is simple to use and incredibly easy to set up. By following the steps illustrated below, your online newspaper will be up… Read More
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