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What I’ve learned: Carpe diem everyday

Smile often, laugh hard and have fun. Do things that will make your heart smile even if you are afraid. Listen to others, but wisely. Don't let someone else live your life, they have one of their own. If you bought a new shirt and you spent a ton of money on it and you don't want anyone to borrow it, it is okay to say so.

Take a moment to enjoy…THE VIEW

The tickets say that you must be there by 9:30 a.m. sharp. In order to get from Philly to New York City we took a 5:42 a.m. train, and I am the complete opposite of what some like to call "a morning person," but this experience was well worth the lost minutes of sweet dreams.

Livin’ In A Land…Down Under

Imagine waking up everyday going to a few classes and then hitting the beach with your board. That is the life of Cabrini junior, Pasquale Bocchicchio, who is studying abroad this semester in Queensland, Australia. He shares his experience at Bond University and his life as an Aussie on the Gold Coast.

I love New York

As we drove over the Varizano Bridge I peered out of the window and saw a light resting faintly in the New York City sky. It was a foggy night so the bright beams that now project in the sky as a tribute to those that lost their lives on Sept. 11. appeared as a halo floating over the city.

How Cupid Struck Cabrini

True believers of fate would agree that everything happens for a reason. When certain stars cross and magic happens, more times than none it is when we least expect it. A Roast Beef Romance Dawn was all business with a school bag that her friends referred to as "the briefcase" and the big bows that she wore in her hair, while Dan was more alternative with his long hair that he permed and put in cornrows.

Be All You Can Be

At 4:30 a.m. on the button the bullhorn blows. She jumps out of bed and thinks to herself, "I have to get dressed, but wait I already am!" She throws on her shoes and lines up outside with the 56 other girls that she shares a room with. In formation they run five miles before the sun even lets off its faintest ray of daylight.

A Taste of the Real World: Jenine J. Ikeler

She jumped off a 75-foot cliff in Negril, Jamaica, is addicted to anything vanilla and has had an internship with the highest rated local newscast in America. At 5'1" Jenine J. Ikeler might be short in size, but towers in experience. Ikeler, a senior English/communications major, had a mission last spring and that mission was to find an internship.

No one understands you like a sister

She is about three inches taller than me, but when she wears her knee-high boots she is almost six inches taller. She has cascading… Read More

Witchcraft: forget the broom

Amanda Howard When someone mentions witches we tend to think of Samantha on “Bewitched” with her cute little daughter Tabitha, or the Wicked Witch… Read More

Unforgettable encounter with angel in disguise

The first time I saw him he was standing waiting patiently for his turn in line at the bank. His clothes were ragged and… Read More

Unbelievable car luck

by Jill C. Hindman features editor The summer before my sophomore year of college I saved every penny that I had made working two… Read More

Reaching out by reachin within

Pizza, soda pop and pool time was what this past Tuesday consisted of for Seth Frechie’s SEM 300 class, Literature and the Common Good.… Read More

Reaching out by reaching within

by Jill C. Hindman features editor Pizza, soda pop and pool time was what this past Tuesday consisted of for Seth Frechie’s SEM 300… Read More

Loquitur Dome: The Eternal Debate

Picture this, you have a dog named Skip. Skip is cute and playful and can do many tricks that you have trained him to… Read More

SEM 300: Mentoring the heart and mind

Joe Holden by Jill C. Hindman assistant features editor Every Tuesday I board the Cabrini van and ride out the tree-lined entrance of our… Read More

SEM 300: education of the mind and heart

photo by Joe Holden by Jill C. Hindman assistant features editor Each semester we flip through the course selection book looking for whatever classes… Read More

National College and University News

Montana State University Craig Kilborn, star of the “Late Late show,” hosted a show for his alma mater MSU. The show aired Tuesday, March… Read More

Hershey’s chocolate can Make Anyone Smile

Hersheys.com by Jill C. Hindman assistant features editor It comes wrapped in a shiny silver piece of paper. When you unwrap the perfectly folded… Read More

Retention: We are not talking about water this time

Think back to your senior year in high school. The year that you received the countless brochures from various colleges all across the country… Read More

Girard returns to classroom from busy sabbatical

by Jill C. Hindman staff writer Last semester you may have been wondering where a familiar friendly face was. Well that is because Dr.… Read More


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