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‘Happy Feet’ taps its way into the hearts of viewers

The animated film "Happy Feet" made its debut performance on Nov. 17. The comedy adventure is set in the land of the Emperor Penguins deep within Antarctica. In the great nation of the Emperor Penguin, you are no one unless you can sing. Mumble (Elijah Wood) expresses himself through fierce tap dancing.

Copyright laws threaten online video kingpins

Adults, teens and even children scramble to their computers for the instant online access to popular video clips. Video sharing is a popular way for anyone to store short videos for public or private viewing. Well known services such as Google Video, Myspace and YouTube all provide access for free video sharing.

Nip/Tuck dissects the competition

Viewers scramble to their televisions to tune into the Nip/Tuck drama series every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Indeed, the insightful and wild personalities of each and every character help to create the unforgettable episodes. The Fox network is the provider for the show in which a vast majority of students can't seem to get enough of.

Turf is stepping stone for campus involvement

The brand new, state-of-the-art Dixon field attracts athletes, students, friends and family for sporting events. Featuring seating for approximately 700 fans, Cabrini benefits from this new addition. Not only do the athletes appreciate the surface in practice but fans enjoy watching their friends and family from the stands.

‘Floating in the Light’

Painter Trish Bethany is exhibiting 16 photo-realist oil paintings in the Floating in the Light exhibit. Her images resemble reflections by capturing reality and emotion through effervescent illumination. The exhibit opened in Grace and Joseph Gorevin Fine Arts Gallery in the Holy Spirit Library on Sunday, Oct.

Six films to die for

When it comes to scary movies, students and faculty cringe at the new features while they still find the older films just as frightening. The variations in these movies manage to depict similar characteristics, which unavoidably will continue to haunt your dreams.

Men’s lacrosse wraps up fall ball season with a win

Cabrini men's lacrosse has wrapped up the end of their 2006 fall ball season with satisfaction. The men's team defeated both York and Haverford in the tournament and came up short to Centenary. Later on that evening the team challenged the alumni captivating the win, 9-8.

Sandella’s complements campus dining services

Between freshly made wraps, pizzas, paninis, quesadillas, bowls and salads, Sandella's has inevitably satisfied the stomachs of many students, faculty and staff. By offering a wide variety of fresh food selections and efficient preparation services, Cabrini College Dining Services will tremendously benefit from this eatery.

McCracken ‘set’ for fall

While many focused their attention on that fall fashion trend or the maintenance of that summer tan, Maria McCracken was preparing for her upcoming fall season of Cabrini College volleyball. These athletes were required to attend preseason camp, run in the off season and participate in spring training.

New alcoholic beverage presents mixed reactions

Try as a shot, spice up your beer or invent a new cocktail. According to "Spykes" is whatever you want it to be. Made by Anheuser-Busch, this 2 ounce malt beverage contains 12 percent alcohol content; equivalent to a bottle of wine. Infused with caffeine as well as the herbs ginseng and guarana, critics claim this beverage is directly aimed at teens.

Anything to be bronze at the expense of your skin

For roughly 45 hours a week, 51-year-old mother of three and accountant Taffy Belvins works steadily. Despite insurance, 20 percent of her annual pay goes towards her medical bills. "I was out in the sun a lot as a teenager and of course I did not use sunscreen back then," said Belvins.

Free-thinking Americans: imagine the life of a women in Iranian society

In her lifetime she served as the first women judge in the Iranian justice system. She was an aspiring journalist, wife, mother of two daughters and Nobel Peace Prize winner. In the United States many would categorize the life of Shirini Ebadi as normal or average.

Autism seminar to take place on campus

Friday, March 30 the Cabrini social work department and social work club will sponsor a seminar on autism. Perspectives on autism will be held in the Mansion dining room from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will welcome keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Naseef. Based upon 20 years of professional experience and 27 years as a parent of an adult child with autism, psychologist, author and parent, Naseef will provide keynote remarks.

Students travel to Italy for 8 day trip

The all-inclusive study tour trip to Italy introduced twenty-three Cabrini students to a widespread Italian itinerary 23 Feb. The Cabrini World Ambassadors Club, the club without borders fulfilled an eight day trip. Assistant professor of romance language, Dr.

Beer-pong bacteria: You can leave the game with more than a buzz

Beer pong has always been about the technique, the challenge and perseverance. Personally, I think it's about the timing. Clay Travis of introduced me to an entirely new light of the game. Little did I know beer pong only welcomes the door to a germaphobe's nightmare.

A trip to the nail salon may welcome infection

The cleanliness of nail salons has become a growing federal concern, according to If not cleaned properly, rapid-growing microbacteria will find its way to salons that are unsanitary. Over the years this bacterial trend has become more common.

Harvard teaches students how to be happy

In the spring of 2006, approximately 855 Harvard students gathered for one of the most popular Ivy League courses. Indeed, every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 a.m., Tal Ben-Shahar relies on the basic elements of happiness to teach a course called Positive Psychology.

Philadelphia: love is in the air

Celebrate the annual holiday of Valentine's Day a different way. Treat that special someone by viewing the city of Philadelphia from an entirely new perspective. After appreciating the city skyline, grab a taste of the unique cuisine and take advantage of its special spots.

Math anxiety overwhelms students

Pencils tap anxiously at the tick of the clock. The exams are evenly distributed amongst the students. Lost in a pool of numbers and complex annotations, one by one they chew on the end of their erasers. Math anxiety is a disabling condition causing humiliation, resentment and even panic.


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