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Sophomore Washington humble, confident

It was his senior year at Radnor High School when people learned of his ability to dominate. For the first time in 45 years, Glenn Washington and the Radnor High School men's basketball team made it to the state playoffs where he broke the school record set in the '50s and scored an incredible 44 points in one game.

Men’s, women’s swimming off to promising starts

The Cabrini men's and women's swim team dominated over King's College and Notre Dame of Maryland this past Saturday, Nov. 8. The scores came in: Cabrini men over King's men 132-114, Cabrini women over King's women 86-23 and Cabrini women over The College of Notre Dame of Maryland women 99-23.

Cross country, sport of ‘life lessons’

"It takes dedication and inner-strength," Thomas O'Hora, head coach of the women's and men's cross country teams, said. "People who run cross country like the idea that they are in control of their own destiny." O'Hora went on to explain that any average healthy human being could run cross country but it really takes a special kind of a person who has the willpower to keep on going.

Eating your way to relief: comfort foods

Chocolate is not something I choose to eat but a constant craving bordering on addiction. Cheese in any form is the equivalent to fruits and vegetables in the food pyramid of Janene Gibbons. Macaroni and cheese is my personal favorite comfort food. Pizza comes close in second.

‘Nights in Rodanthe’ captures love on film

The movie "Nights in Rodanthe" captures the love story of two older people in real-life situations with families who have real problems. Even though the subject matter may not seem hot or sexy, the fans of the film agree that it captures a beauty of its own by portraying the unpredictable in life.

Campus Philly rocks with free concert

College students from all over the Philadelphia area gathered for free concerts by established and up-and-coming bands, Saturday, Sept. 27, for the annual College Day. The day is part of Campus Philly, an event sponsored by Intern U, 20 colleges and the city of Philadelphia.

It’s all about blogging, baby!

Blogs, blogs, blogs! Not only are blogs the latest trend, they are the new "it" medium to use to network yourself and share your personality, through writing, with the world, that is if you have one. Blogs are a great way to "publish" your work for free.

Thomas Walton brings art to Cabrini

Cabrini's fine arts department, chaired by Dr. Adeline Bethany, hosted an art exhibit this past Sunday, Sept.14 where the public and Cabrini community could come meet and greet 28-year-old artist Tom Walton. The event was held in the art gallery on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library.

Imogen Heap: one woman, two bands

Have you ever been pulled into a song and you just don't why? It's like the musicians, singers and songwriters understand and can express exactly what you are going through. It's not just the lyrics that grab you but the beat and the music itself that captures a moment in your life.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand reaches out at Take Care Health Fair

This year Cabrini's Take Care Fair had a goal to get more student participation. Jess Huda, Cabrini's fitness director and assistant soccer coach, was one of the main organizers for the event. Huda held various committee meetings to make sure this goal was achieved.

Surviving in bad work environment

If you have a job, the goal is to have a work environment where you feel comfortable and are able to be productive. This is the goal but not always the reality.

Accessible transportation for students on campus

The shuttle bus: The Cabrini shuttle bus is a popular means of transportation for freshmen. The schedule is online at cabrini.edu. There are two shuttles that run in the area, the Lancaster Loop and the Cabrini shuttle. Some of the more popular places the shuttle stops at include Wawa, the King of Prussia Mall and the Radnor train station.

Campus chief engineer details accomplishments

Working for the motion picture industry in Hollywood, designing rides for Disney Land and Disney World and making it into the "Guinness Book of World Records" are three of many trades, hidden talents and achievements that Bob Iodice, the chief engineer and theater technical director of Cabrini College, has accomplished.

Domestic violence all over media

The mentality that our society has about domestic violence, in my opinion, stems from this primitive, animalistic urge we all have in us that links dominance and control to romance and calls them the same thing. The felony charges made against Chris Brown for hospitalizing Rhianna got me to do some serious thinking about what goes through people's heads when they are in or viewing an abusive relationship from the outside.

Study at Princeton University investigates benevolent sexism

Research indicates that the areas of a man's brain that deals with handling tools and performing actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis. This research was presented by Princeton University psychology professor Susan Fiske at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Text messaging while driving proves problematic

of talking on the phone while driving but most people are misled into thinking that the hazardous behavior comes from having your hands off of the wheel. Leading Researcher and Director of the Applied Cognition Laboratory at the University of Utah David Strayer said that problem does not have to do with whether or not you have a hands-free phone.

This week in sports

USA Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps suspended for three months Michael Phelps was suspended from competition and has lost financial support for three months, effective Thursday, Feb. 12. These repercussions have been handed out in response to a recent photograph in News of the World, a British tabloid.

The HOOTERS experience

"We are not out there to steal your boyfriends. I know that there is a certain stereotype that surrounds Hooters. When people don't know something about a specific topic, they go off of what other people say," Sam Randol, a waitress at the King of Prussia Hooters and senior English and communication major, said.

Track and field prepare for outdoor

The men's and women's track and field teams, currently in between their indoor and outdoor season, have to find ways to stay motivated during mid season. The team, although eager to reach individual goals and statistics, also collectively stressed the need for constant determination and effort despite injuries and long hours of practice.


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