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Honors Convocation awards students

The Honor's Convocation added a new award titled the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and it was presented to Fine Arts Professor, Cassandre Maxwell. Adeline Bethany, Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department, nominated Maxwell because she has "contributed significantly to the stability and quality of the art program.

Flyers advance past Devils

Thanks to goals by Alexei Zhamnov and Danny Markov, a pair of Russians acquired late in the regular season, the Philadelphia Flyers will play in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Zhamnov scored the opening goal and Markov added the game-winner on a long shot in the final period to lead the Flyers in a 3-1 victory over the defending Stanley Cup champion New Jersey Devils, eliminating them from the playoffs four games to one.

Good ol’ days

I know this sounds ridiculous, but I feel old. I think it started when Nick at Nite stopped showing "I Love Lucy" and "Bewitched" and began showing "Full House" and "Roseanne". Growing up, Danny Tanner was like a father to me. Where did all the time go? Lately, I have been catching myself saying things like, "Times have changed," or "I remember when gas prices were 98 cents.

Health Watch

Cigarette smoke contains 200 different poisons and 43 of them cause cancer. There is a known chemical in cigarettes called carcinogen that is extremely harmful, however it is ignored because it is in the form of tobacco. If carcinogen were used in any other matter, charges and legal action would most likely be taken.

Problem after problem with ticketing

Why do we have driveways on campus if we cannot park in them? This question has been bothering me almost as much as why there is not enough housing for Cabrini students, but let's not go there. Everyone I know hates the fact that after circling the campus five times and still finding zero spots, their last resort is to park in the driveway and as a result, they get a ticket.

Nine year veteran serves up smiles at Jazzman’s

Many people are familiar with Jazzman's employee Kathie Mininno, who stands behind the cash register with a constant smile on her face. It may, however, be surprising to some that Mininno's only daughter, Lisa Carnesie, graduated with an English/communications degree from Cabrini in 1998.

Dissed by teacher, another saves face

I never thought the day would come for a teacher to tell a student that they could not help them. This has been my past experience with a Cabrini teacher. There I was shocked and speechless that the word "no" came out of my teacher's mouth when asked with the simple question, "Can you help me with this assignment?" I have found that in three years at this school, I have had very little problems with the teaching staff.

Philly group helps kids

City Year is a non-profit organization that provides service to children in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the nation by teaching, tutoring and mentoring youth. Its overall goal is to "promote the concept of national service as a means of building a stronger democracy," as stated in the organization's mission statement.

Main Line nightlife

The Wild Onion is one of the hot spots Cabrini students go to when they want to have a fun time. Great music, food and drink specials are all a college student is looking for and this place has all of that and more. Krista Stella, a senior psychology major, not only enjoys going there with her friends, she is also been an employee there for almost a year.

Communication is key

"Let's go white" was one of the many cheers filling the air on Tuesday, Oct. 14, when the women's field hockey team faced off against Wesley College. According to the majority of the team, strong communication skills are essential for positive play. Head coach Jackie Neary leads her team in the communication role.

Love-Struck On Broadway

The New York City trip to see the Broadway show "Aida" is on Feb. 8. "Aida" is a triangle love story that takes place during a time when Africa and Nubia raged in war. It features songs from Elton John and Tim Rice. There are tickets still available at $25 apiece.

Welcome to Cavalier Cinema. Enjoy the show

Let's all go to the movies. Cap Board is presenting Cabrini students with new movies that have yet to be released for video rental. The movie series began Jan 20th with the showing of "Ali." The movie events will take place in the Widener Center Lecture Hall on the scheduled dates, which are all at 8 p.

Finding the gifts that make “scents”

With the holiday's quickly approaching, last minute shopping does not have to be an option. Candlemaking is your solution and it is the perfect way to show loved ones how much you care. Homemade candles can be custom-made for each individual depending on their interests.

Keep your fingers crossed…

A superstition is the fear of an unknown trust in magic despite evidence. Often times, athletes, adults and children use superstitions in their every day lives. For example, don't step on the crack, or you'll break your mother's back, is one that children refer to when walking on the sidewalk.

Chris Friel helps Campus Outreach reach further

Campus Outreach is where a person can go to make a difference in the world, and still have fun, according to freshman Chris Friel. She is involved with the Campus Outreach Program. She believes that the program is for educational purposes along with helping those in need.

You’re getting very sleepy…

Get ready to be hypnotized when Michael C. Anthony comes to Cabrini on Nov. 13 at 8 p.m. in the Grace Hall Atrium. Some may even recognize him from his Jan. 7, 2002 appearance on the Ananda Lewis Show. On the show he was able to cure six different women of their phobias.

Students declare double majors, heavier workload

Double majors make up about 7.6 percent of the Cabrini student body population. Last year, 29 students graduated with a degree in two subjects. Jackie Armes, a 2002 graduate of Cabrini, was one of the 29 to receive her degree, which was in Business Administration and Spanish.

Biological warfare concerns cautious nation

Since the of events Sept. 11 and the anthrax scare, many people are fearful of another catastrophe. Government officials are predicting the possibility of biological warfare, in the form of smallpox. Smallpox is a highly contagious disease that has the potential to spread rapidly.

Mansion is most memorable to Cabrini alumna

Hillary Hoch Chybinski knew as a freshman in high school that she was going to be a Cabrini College student. Chybinski is a 1990 graduate of Cabrini and is currently working at Sungard as a senior internal auditor. She is married and has one son, Ryan. She became aware of the campus when she attended the annual alumni weekend with her mother, Nina Tantogna Hamlyn, a 1962 graduate.

Local companies give exclusive education deals

Amtrak, United Parcel Service and Quest Diagnostics have an exclusive deal with Cabrini that gives their employees the opportunity to attend college here for a very minimal cost and some times with no cost at all. The only requirements are that the person be 23 years of age and a full time worker.


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