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Inside the courtroom: my jury duty experience

One afternoon, I came in from school and my dad handed me an envelope. It had my name on it with a court seal… Read More

Athletes and social media; is it a problem?

The presence of athletes on social media gives fans a place to love or hate them. Recently, JJ Reddick of the Philadelphia 76ers, deleted… Read More

Cabrini dominates against Penn State Brandywine

The Cabrini women’s soccer team managed to win their highest scoring game this season against Penn State Brandywine on Saturday, Sept. 15. The score… Read More

Implicit bias and teacher diversity: when will schools push for change?

“When I was an undergraduate, and I went to apply for student teaching, my counselor said, you’re going to definitely get a job because… Read More

Digital divide becomes more prominent in education as classes move online

About 70 percent of teachers in America require students to do their homework online. Many students who don’t have computers or lack internet access… Read More

Me and Him Vs. Quarantine: my relationship advice to you

For a couple months now, my boyfriend and I have been quarantining together. This has been a huge transition for us, due to the… Read More

‘Never Have I Ever’ thought I would see a show like this

“Never Have I Ever” is a show I wish existed when I was in high school. It tells the story of an Indian American… Read More

Why I see myself in Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe

Never before in history have we seen black elegance surface to the top, until now. Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss… Read More

A Gen Z perspective on impeachment

In December, President Trump was impeached due to using his position to abuse the power of the presidency. The president was accused of several… Read More

Cabrini students speak on fashion influence

Current Cabrini students are among many other college students heavily influenced by today’s media and pop culture. Students of today love being able to… Read More

Does the new Lion King meet old expectations?

The new live-action remake of the Disney’s the Lion King movie directed by Jon Favreau released this past July was well anticipated by many.… Read More

Could I be “America’s Next Top Model”?

My passion for modeling started when I was about 15 years old. This was a surprise to anyone who knew me because I was… Read More

The government shutdown is over, for now

On Dec. 22, many Americans lives were negatively impacted in the result of the now longest ever, government shutdown in history. President Donald Trump… Read More