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Poor economy hits home

The economy hasn't taken any prisoners in the recent events that have completely destroyed our once bountiful country. Our generation and the generation that is our parents' have seen and are currently experiencing the housing market crash, which is only one of the problems our economy is facing, but one that hits home a little more directly, no pun intended.

Divorce hurts kids no matter what age

I never imagined myself being a child of divorced parents. I always thought how awful it would be to have to spend my time with my parents separately, to have to choose whom to spend holidays with and ultimately decide which parent I wanted to live with.

ABC’s series puts shame to NY life-style

Power-elite women, four to be exact are successful, best friends since business school and ambitious. The rollercoaster each is on has its ups and downs, both personal and professional. A look into a women's world is given to us in ABC's "Cashmere Mafia".

SAG awards still aired with ongoing writers strike

The 9th annual SAG awards aired simultaneously on TNT and TBS on Sunday, Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. Steve Carell referred to the evening as "The most glamorous and exciting evening in the history of the world." Hardly. Since the writers strike, the television business hasn't been "booming" if you haven't noticed.

Prepare to be ‘Enchanted’

For years Walt Disney pictures has released cliché movies. Movies that end with "happy ever after" with a prince and princess that build a sense of fairytale dreams in the heads of girls of all ages. It's a buzz kill because at some point you realize life isn't a fairytale.

‘October Road’ kicks off second season

Where does Nick Garrett go from here? Season two of "October Road" premiered on Thursday, Nov. 22 on ABC. Let's not waste any time here. Nick and Eddie ventured to N.Y. to bring back Owen Rowan. The problem here is that Garrett knew about the affair between Owen's wife and friend Ikey.

Fall ’07: The dos & don’ts of fashion

Fall is here and as always, fashions are changing as often as the seasons. This fall is no exception. Times are changing and so is the fashion world.

Five Times August swoons fans

Five Times August performed an acoustic set on Tuesday, Sept. 25 in Jazzman's Café. 24-year-old Brad Skistimas is the driving force behind this one-man band that emerged from Arlington, Texas. As students arrived, they had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of Skistimas before he made his way to the stage.

Live Free Die Hard Movie Review

Yippee Ki Yay, well, you know the rest. John McClane returns to the big screen, bald and alienated from his family, in the fourth installment of the Die Hard films. The plot of the movie begins with a terrorist who breaches the FBI computer system by hiring hand-picked computer hackers to do the dirty work.

‘October Road’ looks to be promising follow-up to ‘Grey’s’?

"October Road" is ABC's newest addition to its Thursday night line-up. It's been airing in the 10 o'clock hour after "Grey's Anatomy" for the past few weeks. The question for Nick Garrett, played by Bryan Greenberg, is "can you ever really go home?" Home for Nick Garrett is October Road.

Be funny, live longer

Between the war in Iraq, the hype and controversy of the Gardasil vaccine and the harms of global warming, I figure I would lighten the mood and talk about a few different newsworthy stories that have been running the press in papers that are a little less serious but most definitely something worth speaking up about.

Where are they now: Saved by the Bell

"When I wake up in the morning and the alarm gives out a warning and I don't think I ever make it on time. By the time I grab my books and I give myself a look I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by. It's alright because I'm saved by the bell.

Movie Review: ‘300’

A sold-out crowd packed in tightly at the Marple AMC theatre anxiously awaited "300." Sounds of people munching on popcorn, straws scraping up against the plastic floppy lids of soda cups and quiet whispers were the sounds before the movie came onto the big screen.

South Carolina welcomes men’s tennis

Hilton Head Island Beach and Tennis Resort is where Cabrini men's tennis team stayed over spring break this year. Hilton Head Island has top-rated facilities as well as over 350 tennis courts. The team traveled to South Carolina on Saturday, Feb. 24 for a week and returned to chilly Pennsylvania on Saturday, March 3.

Media Epicenter

CONCERTS Theatre of the Living Arts 2/24 Anberlin with Bayside, Jonzetta and Meg & Dia The Tooth & Nail Records artist, Anberlin, will be performing with Bayside, Jonzetta along with Meg & Dia on Saturday, Feb 24. The tour is kicking off Saturday, Feb.

The art of recruitment

The very time consuming recruiting process begins a year in advance for men's basketball here at Cabrini. "We do this in four phases," head men's basketball coach Matthew Macciocca, said. Gradually, each phase requires more involvement. Phase one. The coaches go and see the possible recruits over the summer in summer league games, camps and showcases.

Men’s basketball hopes for a turnaround

Sixteen games into the season and Cabrini's men's basketball team is currently 2-14. The team was on a 12-game losing streak until Jan. 25 when the Cavaliers hosted a game against Immaculata. Bruce MacLelland, a senior English and communication major and co-captian, gave the team hope when he brought it to a 2-point game.

Microsoft launches new invention

The neon pink and orange three dimensional "Z" located at the top left corner of is the new 30GB digital media player, Microsoft Zune, trademark. Microsoft's newest invention could be dubbed as another "wannabe iPod," but Zune has something the others don't.

Same-sex marriage is an individual choice

No one, not even the government, should begrudge anyone their happiness. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness whether it is in a heterosexual relationship or a same-sex relationship. The University of Florida has a website that is called "Gator Gay-Straight alliance.

Death toll reaches new high

The death toll for the month of October has now hit 102, as of Oct. 31. The death toll has not been this high since October 2005, according to "Insurgents in Iraq have been launching almost hourly attacks on Iraqi and United States military targets as well as civilians in a relentless wave of violence," stated the BBC news website.


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