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Spring intramural line up announced

Say goodbye to winter intramurals and hello to the new spring programs. Cabrini recreation has just announced the line-up for the next round of intramurals. After a long winter filled with indoor soccer and rock-climbing, it is time for flag football and softball.

Freshman breaks Cabrini shot put record

It is difficult to imagine that a calm, giggling girl would have a fierce arm to throw a 8.8 pound shot put 39'11

Freshman part of bright future for volleyball

Achievement did not start at Cabrini for freshman volleyball player Alexis Doss. Success has followed her from the fourth grade on. Doss, freshman secondary education major, can be described as a devoted volleyball player with a true love for the sport. Before coming to Cabrini, Doss had played on teams since elementary school, varsity teams at St.

Cabrini’s new mister and miss

All hail the new Mr. and Miss Cabrini! That's right. On Nov. 12, the Mr. and Miss Cabrini Pageant, held in Grace Hall, successfully ended with senior Mary Kate Korp and sophomore John Solewin as the winners.

Bittersweet farewell: seniors final home match

It was senior day for Cabrini's volleyball team on Saturday, Oct. 25. The gym was decorated with blue and white balloons and posters with every senior's name written on them. Families came from all over to celebrate this occasion. Lindsay Martin's family flew in from California to cheer her on and give her all of their support.

Weekend warrior

That party last weekend was crazy. I can't believe that guy wore high heels and danced on the counter to Billy Idol. Oh and when they threw cake everywhere and painted the walls with jungle juice. Totally ridiculous. What? You weren't there? Oh that's right.

Celebrities stand up to breast cancer

Celebrities are not superhuman. They do not possess powers that keep them from harm. They are susceptible to anything that common, everyday people are. Lately certain celebrities have decided to come out and talk about their experience with breast cancer.

Students serenaded by Jessica Sonner

The students who were munching on their lunch on Tuesday, Sept. 30, also enjoyed being crooned to by the pop-folk singer Jessica Sonner. As the Denver, Colo. native got ready in the back corner of the cafeteria, one could tell how laid back the singer was.

Get ready for Noah and the Whale

What iTunes classifies as just rock, isn't just rock. Noah and the Whale can be defined as melodic folk and melancholy lyrics with a blend of unique instruments. Noah and the Whale is a four-man band consisting of Charlie Fink, Doug Fink, Tom Hobden and Matt Urby.

Club 27 trip turns chaotic

A night that was filled with bumping and grinding and social banter, ended sadly with 23 Cabrini students sitting in the State Police lobby, trying to find a way back to campus. Cabrini students boarded a yellow school bus on Saturday to go clubbin' at Philadelphia's Club 27.

Political issues spark musical response

"A black president is the shit. Oh, oh this shit f----- up right here. Ain't no work, ain't no jobs, we still got bills." You can thank Young Jeezy for that lyric, off of his appropriately titled album, "The Recession." There is no doubt that the music of the 21st century has turned political and contentious.

Phillies fans don’t have to be local

I am a Phillies fan. I say it proudly. I am also from Connecticut. Get your "I hopped on the bandwagon" comments out now. I have been a fan since the third grade when my softball team was given Phillies jerseys. I wore the uniform with pride, albeit I never watched a Phillies game in my life.

CRS ambassadors information session

It was difficult for Cabrini students to find a seat in the Wolfington Center on Wednesday, March 25, for an information session at the Wolfington Center held for prospective Catholic Relief Services Ambassadors. Students ran to other classrooms to grab as many extra chairs as they could.

LIFE workshop educates on dress code

The Center for Student Engagement and Leadership and the Office of Co-Curricular Programming sponsored another LIFE series event on March 19. The program was conducted in the Iadarola Center and focused on dress code.

Course focuses on unemployment

During the 2010 and 2011 academic year, a new Engagement Common Good course will be offered to sophomores.

Study-abroad programs to tailor strategies

Although study abroad officials across the country have recently shown concern that students will no longer show interest in studying abroad, at Cabrini, students are still signing up for the opportunity to go over seas.

Revised GI Bill to match college financial aid packages to avoid costly tuition fees

During summer 2008, the federal government developed a revised version of the GI Bill.

New York spring break trip to retrace the footsteps of patron saint of college

The Office of Campus Ministry will be sponsoring a trip to New York City to retrace the footsteps of Mother Cabrini from March 8-16, the week of spring break. Throughout the Mother Cabrini spring break trip, participants will become familiar with what Mother Cabrini experienced when she immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century.

Students raise awareness at hunger banquet

Walking into the Cabrini Mansion, a person would expect glamour and warmth. However, on Wednesday, Feb. 11, the Poverty Awareness Campaign and Catholic Relief Services Food Security ambassadors greeted students by handing out color coded name tags to represent what social class they belonged to for the annual Hunger Banquet.

Cotton Jones: new psychadelic sounds

Duets are huge in the music business right now. The Moldy Peaches demonstrated the unique combination of a husky male voice mixed with the sweet sound of a female. Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová mixed their distinctive accents together to form a very popular soundtrack with hits like "Falling Slowly.


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