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Campus security a must for students’ needs

by Geri Lynn Utter Believe it or not studying in your dorm room is more dangerous than you think. Picture yourself falling asleep in… Read More

Campus security a must for students’ needs

by Geri Lynn Utter assistant sports editor Believe it or not studying in your dorm room is more dangerous than you think. Picture yourself… Read More

Search VII goal is to have `new outlook on life’

by Geri Lynn Utter assistant sports editor The Cabrini vans are taking off on Friday, Nov. 17 and heading to Appel Farms in Elmer,… Read More

Men’s basketball expecting big season

The men's basketball yeam is set for an exciting season during which the players and Coach Dzik expect great things.

Drunk and disorderly

Hey! I have an idea! Let's all get disgustingly drunk and destroy our house. For the rest of the campus community that has no clue what I am talking about, let me take the liberty to fill you in on what happens on Cabrini's campus, after hours. I am not going to mention the location or the inconsiderate people involved in destroying a particular house on campus, but I will talk about the horrendous damage that was done to the house and the innocent residents paying the consequences for a handful 'so called-college adults' that can't handle their alcohol.

The Rock’s ‘Scorpion’ stings theaters

Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper gave it thumbs down, but critics everywhere have been giving the "Scorpion King" praise. Starring The Rock, the World Wrestling Federation's pretty boy responsible for dismissing every 'wannabe' wrestler that crosses his path, "Scorpion King" is exciting.

Accusations of misconduct and disorder

"I came to Cabrini with the intention to grow academically and socially without fearing my safety on campus. I never expected that such an influential authority figure like David Carpenter would tell me to drive home after I had been drinking," Jimmy Atwell, junior, said.

the Master of horror: ‘JasonX’ returns for a space invasion

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Block everyone and everything else out of sight and out of mind, except for the beating of your own heart (bum..bum..bum..bum.) It is the year 2455. You are a student explorer, taking flight through space, awaiting your travel destination-Old Earth.

Buried in the Back pages

Sabrina the Teenage Witch A 15-year-old girl was briefly suspended from school for casting an evil spell on one of her peers. Jamie Schoonover publically admitted to practicing witchcraft with her mother; but both Schoonover and her mother claim they would never use their knowledge of witchcraft to cast spells on people.

Buried in the back pages

Spending five years in the "play pen" Robert Alan Woods from Virgina is faced with up to years in prison for breaking and entering into his next store neighbor's house wearing a diaper and a bib. Woods says he gets sexual arousement out of dressing and acting like a baby.

Part II: Spring Break in Cancun

Where else can a typical college student go over spring break to see beautiful girls baring it all in string-bikinis and sexy guys flaunting their stuff on white sanded beaches? It is definitely not the New Jersey shore. The place to be over spring break is Cancun, Mexico.

Four years of forming friendships

Even though I shared a room comfortably fit for one with two other girls and didn't have the luxury of my own bathroom, I must say, freshman year in Woodcrest wasn't that bad. In fact, it was one of my most memorable college years. I met a lot of new people and formed meaningful friendships.

Love is just around the corner

After reading Alexis's story on "hooking-up" and the infamous "walk-of-shame," I laughed out loud. A lot of what Alexis wrote about is true. If you haven't noticed there are not many male students wandering around campus. There are 432 male and 798 female, full-time students currently attending Cabrini according to Karen Karlsen, assistant registrar.

Enron scandal explained by Dr. Mary Harris

"The ultimate cause of Enron Corporation's brutal collapse was a culture of greed and arrogance that bred excessive secrecy," competitors and lawyers interviewed by Kurt Eichenwald of the New York Times said. Due to the alleged white-collar crime causing the fall of Enron Corporation, one of the world's largest energy traders, Congress has been forced to reevaluate the business ethics of the entire nation.


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