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Winter sports: fun way to stay fit

Winter is rapidly approaching and students are looking for ways to stay fit during this cold season. One way to have fun and stay healthy this time of year is to get involved with skiing or snowboarding. These two sports allow a person to obtain muscle strength and flexibility.

Yoga: a workout experience for all lifestyles

Want to get toned without all the harsh workouts? The alternative is yoga. Not only is yoga good for the body, but the mind and spirit as well. It helps one to sleep well, maintain weight, and have more energy and flexibility. These are only a few positive results that yoga provides.

Osborn to improve admissions standards

Mark Osborn, Cabrini's vice president for enrollment management, has contributed to the many changes that the school is undergoing. "I like the future potential that Cabrini has, along with the faculty and students," Osborn said. Prior to coming to Cabrini, Osborn has worked in many different institutions; however, he seems to be enjoying every aspect of his current job.

Health hut hopes for awareness

Elyssa McFadden Staff Writer emm722@cabrini.edu Cabrini has come up with a way to learn about overall health and well-being without sitting in class. There is a station around campus called, "The Health Hut." This hut contains information about choices for well-being including many different topics that vary from week to week.

End-of-semester stress

With the end of the semester only a few weeks away, many students are now scrambling to finish the work that they haven't done the whole semester. It is crunch-time on Cabrini's campus, and with the weather continuously rising, less work gets completed.

Background of the Bouncing Souls

An important part of the Spring Fling tradition is the music. Every year, Cabrini strives to provide bands that will create an exciting atmosphere for students. This year the bands will include Lovebomb, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer and The Bouncing Souls.

April Fools

April Fool's Day is an international holiday in which people trick their friends and family by pulling silly stunts. From childhood, everyone knows about this holiday and many soon come to the realization that no one can be trusted on this day, not even a best friend.

Jazzman’s not cutting it

It seemed like so long ago when students weren't bitching about the food that was served for meal exchange. That was back in the days of the Wigwam. It feels like a long time ago but it was only two short years ago. For those who weren't here at that time, it was the place to go if you missed the cafeteria and wanted to grab a quick bite to eat or for commuters to sit and eat before or after class.

Why, Toni, Why?

As many know, many alumni and some students and staff are up in arms about Iadorola's poor decision not to renew Coach Dzik's contract. Dzik isn't the only one being affected by this shocking information, but also players, students, teachers, and alumni. Dzik has changed the lives of many and proved to be a loyal member of Cabrini College for the past 25 years.

Serial Returners

Often times store employees run into a conflict when shoppers go to return clothes. It isn't a problem when the tags are still on and the article of clothing is clearly unworn but what happens when the clothes have been returned after the costumer has worn them? People who do this frequently are known as serial returners.

Transfers seek playing time with Cavaliers

The men's basketball team has recruited two new players this year, both from Philadelphia University. They were originally sought out when they were in high school by Coach Dzik, and later decided that Cabrini was the school for them. Jim Good, 21, is from Sewell, N.

Marathon runners go the extra mile

Thousands of people filled the streets of New York City to support those running in the 26-mile marathon on Sunday, Nov. 7. The participants started in Staten Island and ended in Central Park. There were approximately 35,000 people running in this event, and some were even dressed up to get a laugh out of the crowd.

Women’s basketball set to tip off

There are some differences in the women's basketball team this year. One of them is that they only have four returning players from last year. This brings some concerns for fans and team members. Another huge difference is the head coach, Bobbi Morgan. She started the last week in August and is looking forward to this year, although some aspects may be challenging.

Election registration error

It's not a secret that some students have problems with the way Cabrini is run. The most common complaints that are heard are about food, housing and the lack of response to students given by most of the administration. The food situation has made a serious attempt to improvement.


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