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Geriatric Albums: old school albums, new school review

In 1996, music video channel "The Box" introduced me to five singing English gals that went by " Posh," "Scary," "Baby," "Ginger" and " Sporty." Also known as the Spice Girls. At 11, I bought their self-titled debut album and blasted, I mean I blared, "Wannabe" in my room until my mother yelled for me to "knock it off.

Big trip to small country triggers old memories

They say that as we get older we start to value things we took for granted when we were young and more interested in how everything in life could benefit us. I guess they're trying to tell us that we're pretty selfish until we are capable of looking at the same thing twice and leaving with a deeper understanding of it the second time around. I recently took a trip to Portugal with my mother to visit family we hadn't seen for a few years.

Healthcare costs to increase in near future

Health care costs could rise more than 10 percent in 2007, unless companies change their plans, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. "Insurance carriers anticipate medical costs to rise across all plan designs, including health maintenance organizations , preferred provider organizations, and consumer directed health plans," said PwC.

AIDS Day expects to increase awareness

International World AIDS Day is taking place on Friday, Dec. 1 to spread awareness of the disease that has infected 40 million people worldwide. The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is developed when untreated Human Immunodeficiency Virus becomes more recognizable when the immune system begins to show signs of weakness.

Philly’s fans do it best

Philadelphia is a city known for a lot of things-its cheese steaks (served on an Amoroso roll, preferably "Whiz wit"), the Liberty Bell, Rocky's famous run up the Art Museum's steps and brotherly love just to name a few. But there are days when the love isn't so brotherly and a cheese steak is the greatest thing to ever touch your lips and those glorious days are known as game days.

Stress creeps into the lives of students

College students everywhere are familiar with that anxious feeling they get when they realize that time is not on their side and they're second-guessing whether or not they're ready to take that test next period. It's been said that college is stressful, but the association between college and stress begins long before the endless amount of reading and 15-page papers.

Susan G. Komen foundation helps save lives yearly

Susan G. Komen died in 1980 at the age of 36 after enduring nine operations, extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatments due to breast cancer. According to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Komen was a daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend to few, but an inspiration to those who know her story.

Mission Corps welcomes new director

Gina Pultorak is the new director of the Cabrini Mission Corps, one of Cabrini's best-kept secrets. Pultorak attended Landsdale Catholic High School and went on to major in biology and political science at Rosemont College before attending the University of Pennsylvania for graduate school.

The myspace and facebook war

Checking Facebook and MySpace has become more important to most students at 2:45 a.m. than finishing that five-page paper. It's true; students have become openly addicted to these social networks and see no problem with it, as long as it remains safe and smart.

When it comes to footwear for men, they are what they wear

Despite their different taste in clothes, music and girls, guys everywhere can all agree that when it comes to their shoes, comfort is their main prerogative. It would be wrong to assume that all basketball players prefer a pair of Nikes on their feet, or that Armani flats are only worn by top executives, however, the price a guy is willing to pay for his footwear depends heavily on their day to day activity.

Yale student abortion prank

Earlier this month Yale student Aliza Shvarts came up with a rather, we'll say, interesting topic, for her senior art project that's made the art major a mini-celeb. Shvarts has artificially inseminated herself in order to get pregnant only to take abortion medications and film herself inducing miscarriages and bleeding into a cup.

‘Growing up means planting our own gardens’

For most of us, after our four-year stay at 610 King for Prussia Road, we will be Cabrini graduates. Yikes! Thursdays will quickly turn into an 11 p.m. bedtime (11:30 p.m. for those who want to live dangerously,) because Friday morning you'll be expected at work, 9 a.

Open ‘Mike’ night fundraises for family

The Cabrini community, friends and family gathered in Grace Hall on Thursday, Feb. 24 to support junior Mike Dunphy, and his family after a fire over winter break destroyed their Somerton home, possessions and memories. Prizes were raffled off and food was available but support was the real reason for the cavaliers to get together.

Sale aims to spread fair trade awareness

The Fair Trade effort to eliminate the middleman and guarantee farmers and merchants fair pricing for their products is celebrating the holiday season with a Fair Trade Holiday Sale in Jazzman's café starting Tuesday, Nov. 27-29 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Available for purchase will be fair trade crafts including jewelry, Christmas ornaments and decorations, books, kids toys and more, which are made possible by the Work of Human Hands program and the Catholic Relief Services.

Uganda speaker, brings awareness, sparks reaction among students

Carolyn Davis' presentation on the war in Uganda left me nauseous. Davis visited Cabrini to talk about the war in Uganda and how the people are being terrorized in their very own homes and are absolutely hopeless due to very little help from their government.

Reporter embraces humanitarian journalism

Carolyn Davis, Philadelphia Inquirer editorial writer, visited Cabrini last Thursday, Oct. 25 and spoke about the current war situation in Uganda that is taking the lives of innocent people and children.Approximately 30-70,000 children have been abducted in this 21-year-old war.

Clarkson back on tour for good?

Kelly Clarkson rocked the Tower Theater in Upper Darby Thursday, Oct. 18, performing a short, but exceptional show. The anticipation of Clarkson's 8 p.m. performance had fans on the edge of their seats. Young girls jumped up and down like they had mistaken Red Bull for ginger ale while couples cuddled and girlfriends thanked their boyfriends for their tickets to the concert.

Reporter to speak about work with Uganda war victim

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Carolyn Davis will be speaking on Thursday, Oct. 25 about her recent work with Uganda war victim Jennifer Anyayo in the Widener Lecture Hall from 3:15-4:30 p.m. When Anyayo was 9-years-old, her village in northern Uganda was attacked by a rebel group called The Lord' Resistance Army.

The City of Philadelphia:101

Philadelphia is a city that is not only rich in history, but one that is packed with activities and yummy places to grab a bite to eat. The late night munchies are bitter sweet. It's something that not everyone wants to attest to, but at 11 o'clock on a Wednesday night, Lorenzo and Son's pizzeria on South Street offers students some of the most mouth-watering slices of pizza that could make anyone forget they failed a test.

Alex Woodley Memorial Award given to outstanding athlete

Cabrini's cross country and track and field awards dinner took place on March 22 in center city Philadelphia at Brazil's restaurant. Award recipients for the 2006 cross country season included Brian Zarley and Lauren Deas, who received the coach's award and Carolyn Roberts, who received Most Valuable Player.


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