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PlayStation 3 hovers just out of reach for students’ holiday budget

What would you spend with $499? Would you spend it on a brand new PlayStation 3? I hope not. I play Madden NFL '07 like most people, but I would never spend this much money on something I use once in a while. Over the years, there have been various types of gaming systems including PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo Game Cube.

Women’s swimming triumphs at tri-meet

The Cabrini College swim team is. Currently riding a three-game win streak, the girls recently defeated Kings College, College of Notre Dame and Lebanon Valley. Since September, the team has been practicing five days a week in order to be completely prepared for each opponent.

Chargers Merriman will serve 4 game suspension

Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers has become the most recent player to violate the National Football League's drug policy. After failing the NFL's random drug test for steroids, Merriman was given a four-game suspension starting on Oct. 23. Immediately upon hearing that he had failed, Merriman apologized to his fans and teammates and said that he will appeal the suspension.

Walsh takes 4th at Albright

Meet Justin Walsh, a sophomore on the men's cross country team who recently finished fourth at the Albright fall invitational held last weekend in Reading, Pa. Every Saturday, the men's cross country team faces tough opponents from all over Pennsylvania, and every week Walsh continues to lead the pack.

Relationship advice coming to campus

The biggest cause of failed relationships, the difference between argument and disagreement and the value of respect are just a few things students will learn if they attend Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan's upcoming workshop on creating and enhancing healthy relationships.

Smoking ban to hit Philadelphia in near future

On Sept.14, Mayor John Street signed a bill to eliminate smoking in public areas in Philadelphia. The bill is expected to take full effect in January of 2007, but Street said the law would start to be enforced as soon as possible. The new law bans cigarette smoke in all restaurants and bars.

Employers search personal profiles of potential applicants

What seems like an innocent profile for a user can turn out to be something completely different. All over the country, websites such as Myspace and Facebook are taking over the lives of students. The purpose of these websites is for students to interact with acquaintances and to keep in touch with old friends.

New addition to writing center

Located high above the campus of Cabrini, a new coordinator of the writing center is starting to transform things. Her name is Erin Connelly, and she comes to us from Villanova University where she has spent the last few years working as a graduate tutor while completing her masters in English.

New logo’s look lacks approval from students

Cabrini's new logo has barged its way through campus by kicking the old one to the dogs. Was there anything wrong with the old logo? It makes me wonder whether or not there was a need for a new one. A new logo is a great way to help promote the escalating future at Cabrini College.

Pull out date may help conditions for Iraq war

It seems nowadays that whenever someone writes a column or perspective, it is about the war in Iraq. I didn't want to take that route, I felt compelled to write about something different. But something occurred in the last week that has urged me to vent my frustration.

‘Death Proof’ brings conclusion to ‘Grindhouse’

Part two of the double feature has Kurt Russell as a stuntman stalking a group of women in Quentin Tarantino's high-octane thriller "Death Proof." But before the pleasure of seeing the second movie in "Grindhouse," the filmmakers included three fake trailers to give the audience the feel of watching a drive-in movie.

Books remodeled for box office

Over the years, many successful movie adaptations have been based off of previously famous material. It is very common for production companies to purchase the rights of a novel. Books that generate enough buzz are purchased in order to win money at the box office.

James Bond’s back again

"Bond, James Bond" is back in the series 21st installment with "Casino Royale." The film, recently released on DVD on March 13, restarts the franchise from the very beginning, showing how Bond became a 007 secret agent. Daniel Craig, star of such films as "Munich" and "Layer Cake," is the latest actor to play the legendary character of James Bond.

Colbert screams for his ice cream

Stephen Colbert, host of Comedy Central's news parody show "The Colbert Report," has just been given something very few people have, his own ice cream. Ben & Jerry's Homemade Holdings Inc. is notorious for naming their products after musicians with flavors such as "Cherry Garcia," "Phish Food" and "Dave Matthew's Band Magic Brownies.

Despite storm formal goes on

Lights! Camera! Action! The student government association held its annual formal on Friday, March 16 at The Inn at Valley Forge to the theme of Old Hollywood. Nothing was going to rain on the formal's parade while came a mixture of hail and snow came pouring down, but it didn't seem to bring down everyone's spirits.

Online Fantasy Sport games gain popularity

Flashback: It's the last week for the National Football League. Senior human resource major Anthony Falcone is preparing to edit his fantasy football lineup for the last time of the season. "I am a little nervous but I feel that there was a slim chance that my players would come through.

Energy drinks give busy lives extra boost

Energy drinks have become very popular recently. With taglines such as "Red Bull gives you wings" and "Party like a Rockstar," how could one resist? But there is a new energy drink that is the most popular on the internet right now, and that product is called "Cocaine.

Groundhog Day: is Phil feeling lucky this year?

Friday, Feb. 2 continues the tradition that has been set upon us since the 1800s: Groundhog Day. The earliest reference to Groundhog Day was recorded on Feb. 4, 1841 in Morgantown, Pa. During the fifth century many European Celts believed that animals had supernatural powers on days that were halfway between winter and spring.

Major League Baseball 2006 Awards

Most Valuable Player National League: 58 home runs and 149 runs batted in was enough to give Ryan Howard his first Most Valuable Player Award. Howard, who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies beat out Albert Pujols, last years MVP by 41 votes. Last year, Howard was named National League Rookie of the Year.


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