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Memorial site on the way

The bright colors of red, white and blue still fly over a site that everyone has all come to know as Ground Zero. Some people are still skeptical and wondering what is going to happen to the site where at one time the World Trade Center proudly stood. To this day, Ground Zero still attracts many tourists who come and pay their respects to people who are now called heroes.

Our heroes will never be forgotten

In 2002, President George W. Bush, named Sept. 11 Patriot Day. This is considered a day of observation and remembrance. On this day, people show their respect to the men and women who lost their lives to the hijacking of four civilian aircrafts, which led to the destruction of the Twin Towers, damage to the Pentagon in Washington, D.

Freshmen get first taste of college life

The sweltering heat did not stop eager parents and freshmen from unpacking their cars on freshman move-in day. Packed cars lined up in front of Xavier and Woodcrest, as parents waited to unload their children and prepare them for a new chapter in their lives.

Early vandalism caused by freshmen or phantom students

There was way too much destruction the first weekend back to campus and can some of it be blamed on the new students on campus-the freshmen? Sure it was the first time everyone was together in a long time, but does not give people the right to break windows or tear down decorations or have a Public Safety officer sent to the hospital.

Banner, an annoyance to students and faculty

Banner, the new computer program implemented by Cabrini, is supposed to be user-friendly and a great help to the faculty, staff, and students, especially in the first couple of weeks of classes. However, that may not be the thought that one has experienced.

I.D. theft:prevention key

Prevent before it is too late. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes across the Untied States right now and most times there is nothing one can do about it until it is too late. Identity theft can ruin ones reputation and credit. Due to identity thefts that have occurred throughout Cabrini's campus in the past two years, one may want to take some precautions before one ends up a victim First of all, one should not carry their social security card with them.

Don’t let fashion take over your personality

Fashion is imperative to a person's reputation. How many times have you described a person based on what they wear? You know that guy that wears that baseball cap all the time, or that girl who has those Prada shoes or Kate Spade bag. Sure we have all done it.

Don’t let fashion take over your personality

Fashion is imperative to a person's reputation. How many times have you described a person based on what they wear? You know that guy that wears that baseball cap all the time, or that girl who has those Prada shoes or Kate Spade bag. Sure we have all done it.

Employment preparation essential for job interviews

According to John Heiberger, business department chair, it is not enough to just explain why a person would be a critical part of the business world, a prospective employee has to think critically and support their proposal. Right now the business world is looking for a varied and diverse group of people.

Lady Cavs maintain #1 seed in PAC South

The women's basketball team was victorious 79-73 against Wesley on Saturday, Feb.15. This makes the Lady Cavs overall record as 12-11 and 11-3 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. Due to this win the Lady Cavs are still rated number one in the south division of the PAC.

Effects of binge drinking greater than realized

With the recent annual event of Spring Fling, came with it the annual day of binge drinking for many Cabrini students. Many of the students start drinking early in the afternoon and continued well into the night. The majority of the time college students do not realize the effects of binge drinking.

For better or for worse?

Cabrini College will be celebrating the end of the semester with the traditional event of Spring Fling on Saturday, April 24. However compared to previous years, this year there will be some major changes. Throughout the past two years Cabrini has been trying to make changes to better the campus.

Master’s degrees in low demand

Since 1996 the number of people who received their master's degrees has decreased by 3.4 percent. Many people are going for their master's because they are not as in high demand and more common than they were in the 1990s. Many people are getting higher degrees and many fields of work are becoming more competitive due to the fact that everyone is at the same skill level.

Healthy living

With all the different diets on the market who can decide what is healthy? There are many ways to stay healthy without cutting carbohydrates or counting points. It is not too late to rededicate yourself to your New Year's resolution. An important part of staying healthy is an intense exercise program in which a person will be dedicated too.

Community Service: Part one

Junior Karen Bonin, an early childhood/elementary education major, recently received the Charles A. Mastronardi Service and Leadership Award. The award is given to students who are dedicated to community service and are leaders in the community who set a positive example for others.

Campuses begin to outlaw multiple majors

Many colleges and universities are beginning to outlaw double and triple majors. These colleges and universities are worried that students are centering their lives on school work and forgetting about extracurricular activities that embody a healthy college experience.

Part Two: Skipping across the Atlantic

Brian Fry, senior English/communications major, is planning on accomplishing nothing short of an adventure during his fall semester, which is being spent in Manchester, England. Fry is currently studying abroad at Manchester Metropolitan University which, is, "much bigger than our precious Cabrini.

Skipping across the Atlantic

Have you ever wanted to experience another culture and country? The study abroad program has made it possible for junior Andrew Storti, who is currently studying at the American University of Rome, Italy. Storti left for Rome on Monday, August 18, 2003, a week before classes so he could explore the country and visit some of the sites Storti chose to study in Rome for many different reasons.

Start moving and stop your complaining

Get Involved! This is now a Cabrini symbol that is featured on many flyers, posters and other publications. Getting involved is just what Cabrini wants students to do. If students do not get involved, how do they expect things to change? It seems to me that college students are the first people to complain about everything, but the last people to do anything about it.

Iadarola dines with student leaders

As the night grew darker the student ideas grew greater as they discussed many new prevalent ideas with the President Antoinette Iadarola. On Friday, Sept. 5th student leaders attended a barbeque at Iadarola's house where they discussed ideas that could change Cabrini College.


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