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What it is like being in an interracial relationship

As the times progress, interracial relationships are becoming more common, despite the current racial war taking place in our country right now. Since 1980,… Read More

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won their seventh World Series title!

Despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Americans were still able to enjoy their favorite pastime, baseball. On Oct. 20, the World Series began and competing… Read More

Volleyball games have been cancelled due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has cancelled college athletics across the nation for the fall semester and Cabrini’s volleyball team is just one of many. With… Read More

Golf season canceled again this fall due to the coronavirus

With the hopes of returning this fall, the golf team’s season has been postponed by the Atlantic East conference until at least the spring… Read More

How having parents who split at a young age has affected me

If your parents are still together or even like each other, please consider yourself extremely lucky. It’s not easy. Pretty much since the time… Read More
Taylor Barker poses outside.

Meet the Valedictorian for the class of 2022

With the school year quickly coming to an end and graduation right around the corner, seniors are in full swing ready to move their… Read More

Ukraine’s humanitarian crisis heightened as war claims more civilian lives

What was pitched as a “special military operation” is now the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II, with thousands of lives lost and… Read More

Brotherly love no more: How Philadelphia’s hike in violent crime affects people who live there

Today, it’s hard to say that the city of Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love anymore.  With the rise of gun violence and… Read More

Panel sheds light on human trafficking, another invisible pandemic ‘in our backyards’

Matthew Rutherford · Human Traficking Panel   This isn’t a hot button issue, rather a heartbreaking one that requires global attention.  Many global events… Read More
Cavs field hockey AEC champions

Field hockey triumphs after double overtime; wins AEC championship

Cabrini’s field hockey team returned to the Atlantic East Conference Tournament this year, this time with a major victory bringing home the championship trophy!… Read More

Speaker who survived suicide attempt confronts mental health stigma

Jordan Burnham admits he’s a work in progress. In his battle with depression, he told Cabrini University students that he approaches challenges “one step… Read More

What you need to know about Cabrini’s mask mandate

I’m sure we all got used to not wearing a mask this summer as we got a taste of what “normalcy” felt like again.… Read More

Why the hashtag #notallmen fuels the fire for women

These days more than ever, women are living everyday life in fear.  Women are constantly making the conscious effort to not be abused or… Read More

Is the price right in The Grill?

Along with the name change this year, Cru5h, now known as “The Grill,” has also seen an increase in prices.  After Cabrini had changed… Read More
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