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Why college students should be a higher priority for the vaccine

College students on campus are high-risk when it comes to contracting the virus. In my opinion, that should have been factored into the vaccine… Read More

Detention Center in Berks County has released migrant families

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey has announced that the U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement had released all of the migrant families at the Berks County… Read More

Engine fails mid-flight on a Boeing 777, leading to many questions about the plane

Recently there have been engine malfunctions and failures on Boeing 777 planes. What will happen next to these planes? Will their engines have to… Read More

Proof of vaccinations may be the new norm for travel

The U.S. government and tech corporations have discussed the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccination certification for travel. With a pandemic still present that has… Read More

New Black Student Union takes on challenges of racial equality at Cabrini

The New Black Student Union president is ready to take on the challenges of discrimination and microaggressions that surfaced over the summer in the… Read More

Frontline healthcare workers are underappreciated and deserve recognition for risking their lives

Being a frontline worker in the healthcare world during a 100-year  pandemic is far from an easy task. In fact, it is a high… Read More

University combats virus by closing campus gates

A new campus norm, stemming from the Coronavirus,  the operation of the three campus entrances.  When President Donald Taylor made the decision for the… Read More

History Made: Cabrini softball pitcher throws a perfect game

Cabrini softball defeated Gwynedd Mercy on April 13, 8-0, but there was a bigger storyline than just a shutout victory. Avery Byrnes, junior pitcher,… Read More

The swimming coach who has turned Cabrini into a D-III blue blood

Cabrini Swimming for the past couple of years always finishes around the top of the conference; largely in part due to head coach, Cindy… Read More

Breaking down Cabrini’s concussion testing

A bruise to the brain usually results in a week of no sports for a player then back onto the field. Concussions over the… Read More

ECG 300’s trip to Guatemala changed my perspective of the world

The ride from the airport showed the vast differences between life in the U.S. versus urban, suburban and rural Guatemala. Many vendors would come… Read More

Pandemic results in extra year of eligibility for collegiate athletes

In the summer of 2020, the NCAA announced that all collegiate athletes would have an extra year of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic.… Read More

Cabrini celebrates its historical connection to the Underground Railroad

Motioning to a small, wooden table that typically wouldn’t get much attention, Armani Parker spoke passionately about its significance. “This isn’t just a table;… Read More

Cavs combatting against the Omicron variant

    Locker rooms are usually among the least hygienic places when it comes to sports – even prior to a pandemic. With COVID-19,… Read More

Darryl Mace PH.D., long-time history/political science professor and department chair, departs from Cabrini

The exodus of Cabrini faculty continues, this time affecting the history and political science departments.  Cabrini University President, Donald Taylor, announced Dec. 1, Dr.… Read More

Recruiting athletes without providing scholarships

  The liberal arts college, competing in the AEC, a D-III conference, has a different approach when it comes to recruiting. Cabrini University, a… Read More

Climate change may be affecting fall sports

Fall of 2021 is the warmest fall ever on record and its seasonal sports will be affected by it. October is a month of… Read More
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